Wireless Platform Scale Works Most Anywhere

Wall-Mounted EOS-F Wireless Platform Scale Module

Wall-Mounted EOS-F Wireless Platform Scale Module

Taking a digital platform scale to the job rather than the job to the scale is easier with the new Kern EOS-F wireless platform scale now available from Tovatech.  What sets it apart from conventional platform scales is a 3-channel integrated radio that communicates between the display/control module and up to 3 weighing platforms. Connectivity extends to 10 meters clear sight. The system operates on standard current or up to 70 hours with optional battery power.

This wireless platform scale works as a non-automatic balance. Operators manually and carefully place material to be weighed in the center of the weighing plate. Once a stable weighing value is reached (the scale is stabilized) the weighing value can be read.  Data should be manually recorded for record-keeping.

A grab handle and 2 rollers on the 36 x 22 x 2.5 inch weighing platform facilitate transport between locations.  The compact display/control module, which is also wall mountable, fits nicely into a veterinarian bag, backpack or shoulder bag.

Simple Platform Scale Control

The EOS-F wireless platform scale has a contact-free tare function activated when the operator waves a hand over the control panel sensor to tare up to three balances.  A conventional tare key is also used in programming the scale to various functions.  These include unit (pounds/kilograms), animal/dynamic weighing, and plus or minus deviations from a programmed target (nominal) weight. 

Channel selection for three weighing platforms is simple and direct.  Platforms have a switch module that can be set to accept either the default channel (1) or channels 1, 2, and 3 when multiple platforms are being monitored by the display/control module.  A button key on the control module allows the operator to contact the three platforms individually and obtain weight information.

Two Wireless Platform Scale Models

EOS-F wireless platform scales are available with a maximum weighing to 150 kg (readout 50 g) and 300 kg (readout 100 g).  Respective linearity is ±100 and 200 g.  While they can be moved to different locations they should be operated in a stable environment and when moved be allowed to stabilize in new locations.  A simple adjustment or calibrating procedure should be undertaken at permanent or new locations, and is described in the operations manual.  

For information on the EOS-F wireless platform scale and other weighing instruments contact the scientists at Tovatech.

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