Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner on a Bike Engine Filter

Ultrasonic Cleaning of an Engine Filter

Ultrasonic Cleaning of an Engine Filter

At an adventure bike forum a user asks about the effectiveness of an ultrasonic cleaner for one of the engine filter – a ‘Scotts stainless filter’. One of the forum participants disagrees with the usage of an ultrasonic cleaner. We disagree with this disagreement! An ultrasonic cleaner is the ideal device to clean engine parts. We also disagree with using a cheap eBay-type of purchase, for in our experience, they have no guarantees and may fail at any time.

The ultrasonic cleaner will be fully capable of removing all dirt on the Scotts filter, from both sides, since it gets immersed in the solvent. Take a look at our experience on ultrasonic cleaning of engine parts here.

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