A Guide to Selecting and Operating Ultrasonic Cleaners

How one selects an ultrasonic cleaner involves several points to consider and resolve before putting your money down. Today’s ultrasonic cleaners range from small benchtop or tabletop units with simple on-off switches to highly sophisticated cleaners with adjustable or controllable operating parameters that allow them to perform multiple cleaning tasks.

Cleaning solution capacities can range from under one gallon for small applications to hundreds of gallons capable of cleaning automotive, marine and aircraft engines. Cleaning solution chemistries  are available in many, many formulations.  Formulations should be carefully selected (and maintained) to provide optimum cleaning performance based on what is being cleaned and the nature of contaminants being removed.

These and other important considerations on selecting and operating ultrasonic cleaners are presented in our article published by Cleanzine on August 11, 2016.

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