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Tovatech Adds Production Automation Corp. as Elma Dealer

Tovatech announces the addition of Production Automation Corporation, based in Eden Prairie, MN, to its family of dealers offering the full line of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners. 

Established in 1976, PAC has 50 employees in warehouses and other locations in Minnesota, California and Texas; outside the US in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

“The PAC online store offers in-stock availability and bulk discounts covering some 150 brands and 32,000+ products,” says Tovatech director Dr. Robert Sandor. “Its centralized logistics, inventory, expertise and supply chain serve electronics, healthcare, cleanroom and medical device manufacturers – markets ideally suited for Elma’s line of ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning solution chemistries and accessories.  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.”  

PAC’s Craig Stacey said “We’re pleased to add the Elma line to our offerings.  Our goal at Production Automation Corporation is to provide personal, expert advice to help customers get to the root of their problem quickly with a low cost solution. Engineering, sales, and support teams provide real-time phone and web chat support every day.” 

Stacey added “A very positive influence of our decision to partner with Tovatech is the technical support they readily make available to help our sales professionals answer thorny ultrasonic cleaning challenges by recommending the correct equipment, procedures and formulations.  This is exemplified by Tovatech providing a comprehensive introduction training session to educate our sales personnel on  these very topics.”

See the full line of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners on Production Automation Corporation to learn more.

About Bob Sandor

Bob began working as a chemist in 1987 and remains a science geek to this day. After his PhD he worked on the bench in materials and inorganic chemistry for 10 years. He then took on a love for marketing and sales. He combined his passion for science and business and took entrepreneur general management positions in large corporations like Hoecsht Celanese now Sanofi Aventis, Bel-Art and Smiths Detection. There he learned what it would take to run a business and finally Tovatech was co-founded in 2006. Bob’s hobbies include playing, listening and composing music, skiing, working out, the internet and all things science. Read More