Hair Restoration Clinic Uses Ultrasonic Cleaner on Hairpieces

Bob Reiland is the owner of Reiland Hairclinic in Rochester Minnesota.  A few weeks ago he contacted us about potentially using an ultrasonic cleaner on prosthetic hairpieces.

There are numerous methods to help people recover their hair.  Many of them involve medical procedures like: hair transplant surgery; laser hair rejuvenation and medical therapy (like Rogaine).

However many people prefer a prosthetic approach and opt for non-surgical hair replacement.  Men’s hair replacement systems and hairpiece prosthetics do an excellent job in simulating a true natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in hair density.

The prosthetic approach provides custom hair restoration and replacement solutions designed specifically to for the unique needs of each person.  This type of hair replacement system is virtually undetectable and uses a hair graft that can be made from human or synthetic hair.

Typically a person will visit the hair clinic and have the hair piece attached using a very thin layer of polyurethane adhesive.  The hairpiece will function naturally for 2-3 weeks and then need to be replaced.

For the hair clinic which sells and maintains the hairpieces, this provides a steady influx of work.  One of the main jobs of the hair clinic is removing the polyurethane adhesive from the hairpiece and keeping the hairpiece clean.  This is a time consuming process and labor intensive process.  Thorough cleaning is crucial to the usability and lifetime of the product.

Polyurethane residue can be removed easily with the mechanical action of ultrasonics.  Ultrasonic waves travels in all directions in the solution producing cavitation bubbles.  The implosion of cavitation bubbles produce microscopic liquid jets within the solution which makes it easy to reach and clean every area of the hairpiece.  Because ultrasonic energy penetrates into the crevices and interstices the entire hairpiece can be easily cleaned.

There are several benefits from the application of ultrasonics:

  • Enhanced cleaning speed – Ultrasonics is faster than conventional cleaning methods. The labor-saving advantages make ultrasonic cleaning a money saving choice.
  • Cleaning consistency – Because ultrasonic activity is microscopic it reaches all areas for uniform cleaning.
  • Adhesive removal is not dependent on the operator.
  • Raising the temperature of the liquid (a feature available in most  Tovatech Ultrasonic Cleaners) increases the rate of chemical activity which in turn makes cleaning faster and more thorough.

In conclusion, ultrasonic cleaners bring substantial value to hair loss, hair restoration and replacement centers.

About Bob Sandor

Bob began working as a chemist in 1987 and remains a science geek to this day. After his PhD he worked on the bench in materials and inorganic chemistry for 10 years. He then took on a love for marketing and sales. He combined his passion for science and business and took entrepreneur general management positions in large corporations like Hoecsht Celanese now Sanofi Aventis, Bel-Art and Smiths Detection. There he learned what it would take to run a business and finally Tovatech was co-founded in 2006. Bob’s hobbies include playing, listening and composing music, skiing, working out, the internet and all things science. Read More