Ultrasonic Cleaners – The Fastest Cleaner in Your Home

Ultrasonic Cleaners Clean Many Household Items Fast!

Ultrasonic Cleaners Clean Many Household Items Fast!

According to this newspaper article from 1970, modern gadgets in the home don’t save women time from daily chores. They mention that even an ultrasonic dishwasher (which 40 years later is yet to see the light of day) may get your forks cleaner but it won’t save any time over a regular dishwasher. We would tend to agree. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning won’t make your dish cleaner any faster. However, when it comes to regular ultrasonic cleaning of jewelry or small parts or fishing gear or guns or even dentures, the process is much faster. Why? Manual cleaning of such items is laborious, time consuming, and may require two or three passes before you get the job done. In contrast dunk the lot into an ultrasonic cleaner and you can get it clean in 10 to 30 minutes depending on the object you are cleaning.  Ultrasonic cleaning is fast. Way faster than manual methods.

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