Ultrasonic Dental Instrument Cleaners Shows One Million Fold Reduction in Virus Contamination

Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Highly Effective for Dental Instrument & Handpiece Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Highly Effective for Dental Instrument & Handpiece Cleaning

This study has some great findings. The objective of the study was to measure the levels of decontamination possible with ultrasonic cleaning. The first staturated dental instruments with blood contaminants at a level that was 10x higher than normal. Ultrasonic cleaning of these instruments showed a 100x reduction in contamination while hand and manual cleaning proved largely ineffective. In addition to that, they infected the dental instruments and hand pieces with a virus. The reduction in virus levels was startling: 1000x for handpieces, and 1,000,000x for instruments. This validates what we’ve advocated all along: an ultrasonic cleaner for dental instrument cleaning is a critical piece of equipment. This of course does not replace sterilization as the final step after ultrasonic cleaning.

For further information visit www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

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