Ultrasonic Cleaner for Infection Reduction in Dental Instrument Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaners Reduce Infection Risk for Dental Staff

Ultrasonic Cleaners Reduce Infection Risk for Dental Staff

The Tufts University School of Dental Medicine conducted a study evaluating the degree of spatter and contamination generated during instrument cleaning before sterilization.  The results were fairly conclusive.  Spatter generated through cleaning has a high probability for acting as a vehicle for bacterial contamination.  Spatter could travel both outwards and upwards towards the protective eye gear worn by staff. The article lists several procedures that can help reduce the infection risk to a large extent. Where possible they advocate the use of ultrasonic cleaners.  This is line with our recommendation to use an ultrasonic cleaner for dental instrument cleaning.

For further information visit independent.academia.edu.

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