What Not to Do with Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

This video is instructive in what not to do with your ultrasonic cleaner. The user has allowed the engine part to touch the bottom of the tank. This should not be allowed to happen. The tank is in contact with a transducer which generates the ultrasonic waves. Direct contact by any object will impede the performance of the transducer, reduce its efficiency, and shorten its working life. Always use a holder (a wire basket for example) to suspend the object somewhere towards the middle of the tank for maximum cleaning efficacy. The other issue is the size of the object vs. the size of the cleaning tank. Ideally, you should use a sufficiently large tank to immerse the object fully in the cleaning solution. An alternate approach in case you have a part larger than what the cleaning tank can hold (like in this video) is to flip the object over and run it through the cleaner again.

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