Brief Instructions on Using An Analytical Balance Correctly

An Analytical Balance is a sensitive instrument. Take appropriate care when weighing.

An Analytical Balance is a sensitive instrument. Take appropriate care when weighing.

Here is another short but precise set of instructions for using the analytical balance.  The key points to note are: the location where you set up the analytical balance should be free of ambient air currents and it should be free of vibrations as both these factors will have a negative impact on the readings.  Not mentioned is the possibility of using a vibration dampening table – typically a counter top made of some heavy material like marble and rubber studs on the legs to absorb the vibration.  This would be useful in places where it is not possible to avoid vibrations entirely.  The other instructions are also relevant: be careful not to disturb the balance after taring (or zeroing) the balance, use weighing dishes, tongs, or gloves as needed, cool hot objects, weigh hygroscopic materials rapidly due to their tendency to absorb water, and always use the same procedure when making repetitive weighings in a batch.

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