Fishing Gear Gets Shiny New Look with Ultrasonic Cleaner

As the summer fishing season enters full swing anglers of all stripe head to the sea and streams to cast their line in hopes of a catch. Serious anglers can tote equipment costing hundreds of dollars.  Keeping their investment in top shape requires ongoing care. An ultrasonic cleaner is a great maintenance tool and is well worth the investment for individual fishing fanatics and charter boat operators that provide patrons with fishing gear.

Fishing reels especially are complex constructions that entrap grit and salt residues causing undue wear and corrosion if not fully removed.  Instead of manually soaking and scrubbing disassembled fishing reel components use an ultrasonic cleaner such as the Elma E 15 H available from Tovatech, which holds a half gallon of biodegradable ultrasonic cleaning solution.  (Larger capacity models may be more  suitable for charter boat operators).

Place the components in the mesh basket and immerse it in the solution.  When the ultrasonic cleaner is turned on, ultrasonic transducers powered by an ultrasonic generator create billions of minute bubbles in the solution.  These implode on contact with the fishing reel components.

The process, called cavitation action, strips away dried grease, oils, salt residues, dirt and other contaminants from the smallest crevices, threads, blind holes and other reel components without damaging them.  The result is a degree of cleaning impossible to achieve manually.

Not only are parts cleaner, the operation takes less than 15 minutes to complete, after which components are dried, lubricated and reassembled.

Well-maintained gear adds to the pleasure of individual sport and charter fishing.  Contact Tovatech for information on an ultrasonic cleaner that fits your requirements.


Are you a fishing fanatic?  How do you maintain your valuable gear?

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