The High-Tech in a Low-Tech Business: Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning

According to the jewelry craftsman in this video, jewelry repair is not a high-tech affair. It’s done with the same kind of buffing and polishing that has been used for many years. He demonstrates the cleaning following a resizing, using a couple different polishing compounds. Of course, after all the buffing and polishing—using buffing and polishing compounds that stick around on the jewelry—his cleaning tool of choice? An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner takes away at least a little of the manual labor. After the ultrasonic cleaning, a quick jet of steam and the jewelry sparkles.

About Bob Sandor

Bob began working as a chemist in 1987 and remains a science geek to this day. After his PhD he worked on the bench in materials and inorganic chemistry for 10 years. He then took on a love for marketing and sales. He combined his passion for science and business and took entrepreneur general management positions in large corporations like Hoecsht Celanese now Sanofi Aventis, Bel-Art and Smiths Detection. There he learned what it would take to run a business and finally Tovatech was co-founded in 2006. Bob’s hobbies include playing, listening and composing music, skiing, working out, the internet and all things science. Read More