SonoCheck Better Than Foil Test for Ultrasonic Cleaners

Over at DentistryiQ they describe the foil test.  This is one of the more common and easy to do tests.  It will give you a rule of thumb assessment of your ultrasonic cleaner’s cavitation energy.

For a more detailed analysis of the cavitation energy distribution in your bath you need to use SonoCheck tubes.  This will thoroughly test ultrasonic cleaner performance and show you areas of high and low cavitation.  This information is useful then in delicate lab operations like sample prep where consistency is important.


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Ultrasonic Cleaners with Superior Safety Features

Here is another newspaper column report where an ultrasonic cleaner is mentioned. At the Livermore National Laboratory, in one of two plutonium spills, a worker failed to turn off an ultrasonic cleaner which then caught fire causing the spill.

We are glad to report that in Tovatech’s industrial ultrasonic cleaners this type of accident cannot happen.  First we have a safety cut off switch that will auto off the unit after continuous operation for a set number of hours. Second our high end ultrasonic cleaners come equipped with ceramic heaters that won’t burn off even if they run dry.



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Oldest Ultrasonic Cleaner Ad?

This is probably one of the oldest ads for an ultrasonic cleaner.  Some more digging around and we found this vintage assembly manual for the Heathkit on eBay! From the looks of it this could possibly have been one of the earliest ultrasonic cleaner knock down kits sold as parts for assembly by the hobbyist.  Today’s DIYers will totally enjoy this bit of memorabilia if you are into that sort of thing.

BTW if you’ve following this blog for any length of time you should know that we have a skunkworks project for DIY ultrasonic cleaner enthusiasts. Can’t say more about it just now but just leave your email id in the comments and we’ll put you on the priority notification list when we are ready.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Hydraulic Filters

For machine shop nuts this is about as good as it gets when it comes to cleaning.  Hydraulic filter cleaning in an alkaline detergent. The ultrasonic cleaner will blast the dirt off – if you want to get really technical though its less of a blast and more of a gentle prise – reaching crevices and corners that would have been difficult if not impossible to reach otherwise. I guess we should just let the video do the talking but I’ll take a few seconds time out to plug our very own ultrasonic cleaner line.  Our higher end models are designed for continous operation in industrial machine shops and factories.… Read the rest

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Dentists – Necessary or Optional?

Here is another report in our ongoing series chasing down newspaper mentions of ultrasonic cleaners. This time its from the Toldeo Blade, 1992.  Dentists back then were expressing their concern over the rising costs of infection control.  Speed up to present day.  It is almost a truism that dental infection control protocols whether in private practice or hospitals consider an ultrasonic cleaner as a critical piece of equipment. The reasons for this are numerous but we like to highlight two important ones.

i) Removal of dirt and debris at micron levels.

ii) Minimal manual intervention in the cleaning process which reduces the infection risk.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Used in Operating Rooms Even in the 1960s

Our quest for ultrasonic cleaner newspaper clips from 20th century America continues. A small article tucked away in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 1962 talks about a check being presented to the Divine Providence Hospital Auxilliary.  The Sister receiving the check said that it would be used to buy an ultrasonic cleaner for the operating theatre.

Now that is something that we’d love to see.  Vintage units.  How would it compare with our present day ultrasonic cleaner?  If you have any pictures or know anyone who has these units please leave a note in the comments.  We’d love to feature those units alongwith its owners on our blog.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner – Good as Gifts

Here is another newspaper clipping from the 20th century. This time from 1968, this is The Morning Record on Christmas eve. The Associated Press news feature writer includes an ultrasonic cleaner as a gift to consider for Christmas.

Now to be frank, we’ve never looked at ultrasonic cleaners as gifts. But now that they mention it….

We think our line of ultrasonic cleaners make for excellent gifts! If your friends are into fishing, bikes, cars, guns or any kind of sport or hobby that requires some kind of cleaning, they’ll thank you for getting them an ultrasonic cleaner. Contact us and our experts will help you choose the right one for your friend.


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Vintage America Dreams of Ultrasonic Dishwashers

My first reaction when I came across this archive was “You’ve got to be kidding me!”. But seeing is believing and I spend quite a bit of time browsing through vintage America. Compared to today’s glossies the newspaper, even if it is just scanned, has a certain charm to it. Don’t you think?

While we love to tout ultrasonic cleaning technology as cutting edge the straight scoop is that this is almost ancient technology. Middlesboro Daily News from August 12, 1959 (yes, 1959!) reports that a Narda Ultrasonic Corp was getting into the business of manufacturing ultrasonic dishwashers. While dishwasher never made an appearance Narda has managed to survive through the various twists and turns of corporate mergers, takeovers, and demergers!

At the moment we can only speculate why the ultrasonic cleaner never morphed into dishwasher. Our main suspect is the price – performance trade off. For effective cleaning you … Read the rest

Ultrasonic Cleaner Helps Recover Important Piece of Computer History

We love stories where ultrasonic cleaners lend an unobtrusive helping hand in preserving a bit of computer history.  The 6502 microprocessor chip is one of the earliest chips that ushered in the computer revolution.  For those of you old enough to remember this was the little daemon at the heart of runaway hits like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600, Apple II, Commodore, and many more. Fun times.

That’s why we love this story where a small intrepid team of passionate geeks have taken it upon themselves to preserve the remarkable history of the 6502. This is a fascinating behind the scenes insight into what it takes to conserve an ancient microprocessor chip. As a geek head you cannot but drink it all up! The ultrasonic cleaner was used to clean the chip after removing the packaging using sulphuric acid.


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Why Switch to Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaners from Chlorinated Degreasers

Switching to an aqueous ultrasonic cleaner is a no brainer! This article at Kentucky State’s Engineering Extension succinctly outlines the compulsions driving this move: Increased state and federal regulatory oversight not withstanding, the ongoing costs in purchasing, storing, and disposing chlorinated solvents make aqueous cleaners all the more attractive.  Not to mention the higher investment required in worker safety.  As we like to point out time and again, ultrasonic cleaner based aqueous systems are among the most viable alternatives to earth polluting chlorinated solvents.  If you are considering switching to aqueous based ultrasonic cleaning, talk to us, our experts can help you!

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