Important Precision Scale Terminology You Need to Know

Digital scales and analytical balances play a crucial role across a broad spectrum of industries to help maintain high GLP and GMP standards in pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing, or in any industry where the need for weighing accuracy is paramount.  Written operating procedures governing accurate weighing and record keeping go a long way in supporting any organization’s goal to achieve excellence.

What I’ve found is there are discrepancies in how certain digital scale manufacturers describe the performance of their products.  Incorrect scale specifications and term definitions can lead to problems when these scales are part of precision manufacturing processes.

A case in point:  one website I checked equates readout to accuracy.  Readout is what you see on the digital display.  A long row of digits may look impressive but if the scale is not calibrated properly it most likely is not accurate. “Accuracy” as defined by is the extent … Read the rest

Improve Precision Scale Accuracy by Negating Electrostatic Charge

When using precision digital scales and analytical balances to measure in grams and milligrams it does not take much to throw off a reading.  Something seemingly as innocuous as an electrostatic charge, for example, can yield inaccurate results.  This usually occurs when non-conductive materials are being weighed – such as plastic, china and glass.  Because they can carry an electrostatic charge an electromagnetic field can be generated between the goods being weighed and the precision balance or scale. This can impact accuracy by as much as a gram.… Read the rest

Increase Cleaning Throughput with Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner

In many instances we at Tovatech get interesting tips from our customers.  Here’s one related to multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaners:

If you build, repair or service components that require ultrasonic cleaning you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to ultrasonic frequencies employed.

By doing a little research I found I could use two ultrasonic cleaners to carry out all the ultrasonic cleaning operations normally employed in my shop.… Read the rest

Get the Most from Your Moisture Analyzer

The slang phrase “you’re all wet” is generally not taken as a compliment – signifying instead that “you are wrong.”   Wetness can also be wrongness when too much moisture is contained in products such as plastics, fabrics and wood chips. Laws define the maximum moisture content in applications including food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Correct moisture content positively impacts processing results and overall product quality across a wide range of industries.… Read the rest

How to Count on Your Digital Counting Scales

There’s no doubt that using digital counting scales can save time and money.  Easier to explain is time, because these accurate tools can do in seconds or minutes what it would take hours to count by hand.  That in itself saves time, but if the scales are also used in inventory control they can help identify unusual movement of product out of storage.  Who is taking the product and why?

As good as they are – and products such as Kern’s CXB counting scale are examples – when using them one must keep in mind the old computer admonition “garbage in, garbage out.”

These scales can weigh but they can’t think.  This requires operators to establish uniformity of weight across the products being weighed.  What can throw this off?  Well, some products in the batch may have burrs or other imperfections that will lead to inaccurate counts.  In fact, anything … Read the rest

How to Connect Your HPLC Flow Meter to a PC

Accurate HPLC flow rate records not only indicate GMP but are crucial when the FDA comes to call. Digital liquid flow meters such as the FlowCal 5000 support FDA compliance for IQ, QQ and PQ validations in calibrating HPLC pump flow rates.  Connecting these meters to a PC with an RS-232 interface transfers flow meter readings into Excel via the Windows HyperTerminal program.  It is a three-step process whereby data are collected and displayed using HyperTerminl.exe, copied on a clipboard and pasted into Excel for analysis.

Before starting on this project be sure the flow meter is off, otherwise you risk damage to the RS-232 and/or the PC or printer.  Then follow these steps:… Read the rest

Maintenance Tips for Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

To get the most from your investment in an ultrasonic cleaner you should avoid practices that degrade performance.  But because mistakes occur you also need to know how to remedy situations that may arise due to improper use, or in the case of cavitation erosion postpone its onset.

A question we get here at Tovatech is how to avoid rust films on ultrasonic cleaning tanks. Elma ultrasonic cleaners have stainless steel tanks, which under normal conditions do not rust.  Instead, rust films are introduced as a deposit either from ferrous products being cleaned or from tap water used in the tank.  Rust stains can be avoided by regularly cleaning the tank surface using a suitable cleaning solution such as elma clean 60 or 215 to remove deposits before they have the opportunity to stain the tank surface.  If stains are present, an alternative is to operate the cleaner in a … Read the rest

Check out Ultrasonic Cleaning as a High-Tech Tool for Home Healthcare

Here’s an interesting letter we received at Tovatech.

Our kids come home from school with all kinds of advice on how to guard against infections.  And the messages are stronger what with the concern about Swine Flu.  So I asked our doctor what he uses to help avoid transmitting infections between patients, especially since we have an invalid in the house.

He suggested we think about getting an ultrasonic cleaner, which he said is unsurpassed as a means from removing contaminants that stick to personal care items.  When I told my husband he expressed skepticism, equating the technique with industrial applications, not home healthcare.

A Google search brought up Elma Ultrasonic and their nifty little “Elmasonic One” for use in the home as a personal hygiene center. I decided to get smart about ultrasonic cleaning so I could convince my husband (and myself) that this would be a good idea.… Read the rest

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Engine Parts – A Shade Tree Mechanic’s Tale

I don’t know about you, but I like to fix my own stuff.  Admittedly it’s getting tougher what with all the complexity they’ve built into engines today.  But I’m talking more about my ’47 Ford Woodie station wagon show car and a 1948 Farmall Cub I use to keep the brush down in the back of the lot and to plow the driveway in wintertime.

Both engines run great.  To make sure that they continue to do so I periodically disassemble parts like the carburetors, fuel pumps and oil sumps, clean them up and reinstall.  OK, maybe I need to get a life, but heck, it’s fun. I will say I got a little bit tired of using gasoline and other engine degreaser solvents for this so when I heard about something called ultrasonic cleaning I decided to check it out.… Read the rest