Kern FES-FEJ platform scale with an IP65 Rating

Maintenance Tips for Digital Platform Scales

Kern FES-FEJ platform scale with an IP65 Rating

Kern FES-FEJ platform scale with an IP65 Rating

Digital platform scales used in factories, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries can be subjected to a lot of abuse including exposure to dust and moisture as well as being moved from location to location.  When evaluating digital scales and balances  purchasing agents would do well to consider the use and environment as part of the specification process and structure their purchase orders accordingly.

Dust and moisture, for example, can be endemic to manufacturing and processing environments.  To function reliably in these environments platform scales should be resistant to both and also be easy to clean.  Manufacturers of Kern platform scales available from Tovatech assign ingress protection (IP) ratings to certain of their products that reflect industry standards describing resistance to dust and moisture.  These are typically two numbers such as 65, the first of which denotes resistance to dust and the second to moisture.  The higher the number the more resistant the scale is to dust and moisture ingress.

With IP ratings of 65 the Kern FEJ and FES series of stainless steel platform scales are rated dustproof (6) and are designed for temporary contact with liquids (5) when operated using the rechargeable battery pack.  A damp cloth can be used for cleaning.  Other models such as the STB series have an IP of 68, meaning that they can be continuously used in wet areas and be cleaned with a water jet.

Maintaining Weighing Accuracy

Digital platform scales are precision instruments and should be kept in a stable environment away from temperature extremes.  When initially commissioned these scales are calibrated for weighing accuracy in the location where they are to be used.  They should be periodically recalibrated according to company or regulatory policy and at any time when they are moved to another location.

The Kern FEJ series cited above is equipped to provide automatic internal calibration, which can be done at any time by following the calibration procedures in the instruction manual.  The FES is calibrated by placing a precise external weight on the weighing platform and activating the calibration function per the instruction manual.  The scale will adjust itself to correct any deviation.

Modern digital platform scales are truly versatile instruments that perform a wide variety of weighing and counting functions.  Purchasing criteria should also address the conditions under which they will operate and documented maintenance procedures should be followed.  Rely on the scientists at Tovatech for expert advice on scale selection and maintenance.

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