Cleaning with Flammable Solvents

If you’re planning to clean parts with a flammable solvent (i.e. any liquid with a flash point) in an ultrasonic cleaner, there are several possible approaches to consider.

Elma 2-Year Warranty

The Elma 2 Year Warranty

Elma stands behind their products. All Elma ultrasonic cleaners come with an industry-best 2 year warranty. If the unit malfunctions because of a manufacturing defect, simply call us and we’ll repair or replace the unit.

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Clean Small Parts with Solvent in a Beaker

Operating an ultrasonic cleaner not designated as explosion proof with the tank filled with a flammable solvent poses a serious explosion hazard. However, beakers filled with flammable solvents may be positioned in water-filled ultrasonic cleaners for safe operation.* Small parts can be cleaned inside covered beakers which are partially immersed in water. The ultrasonic waves pass through the beaker walls and into the solvent. This operation should be carried out with sufficient ventilation to prevent solvent vapor accumulation.

Key Features

  • Beakers can be supported with special ultrasonic tank covers as shown to the left.
  • The maximum quantity of solvent that can be treated in an open ultrasonic cleaning tank depends on local fire regulations.

Clean Larger Parts in Low Flash Point Solvent (e.g. IPA, acetone)

For cleaning larger parts with volatile solvents you’ll need a SOL XP explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaner available from Tovatech. Fully nitrogen inerted for fire protection. ETL approved as sold, no additional approvals required.

Key Features

  • ETL listed product
  • Optional air driven pump and purification system reduce handling and improve product quality. For continuous solvent purification
  • Optional cooling coils to reduce solvent loss and further control odor
  • 10-year warranty on ultrasonic transducers

Switch to a Non-flammable Cleaning Agent

Many cleaning applications that use flammable organic solvents can be accomplished with either biodegradable water-based ultrasonic cleaning solutions or non-flammable solvent-replacement chemicals.

Key Features

  • Soils Removed: Grease, Dirt, Coolant, Oil, Dust, Particles, carbon, Soot, Wax
  • Parts Cleaned: Carbs, Injectors, All metal parts, Plastic

Clean Micro Parts with Volatile Flammable Solvent in Elmasolvex VA

Extremely small parts such as watch parts, microoptics, and micro-machined parts are very effectively cleaned, rinsed, and dried in the Elmasolvex VA ultrasonic cleaner. This ultrasonic cleaner is certified to be explosion proof when used with solvents with a flash point ≥ 12°C. Optimum cleaning results are achieved using a combination of multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, oscillation, and vacuum technology. Cleaned parts are completely residue-free.

Key Features

  • For a detailed view of the operation of Elmasolvex VA, view product details

*Always check with your local safety organizations on the proper use of flammable solvents for cleaning. Tovatech is not responsible problems may arise from cleaning with flammable solvents.