Discount Ultrasonic Cleaners

New, refurbished, and slightly damaged ultrasonic cleaners, digital scales, and other lab equipment. Inventory changes regularly. Check back often to find out what is available.

Click the link under model (where available) to see details of representative unit. Call or chat with us for info on condition and to purchase.

Condition Model Size & Notes Warranty List Price Discount Price
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Refurb Elma S150 3.75 gallons 2 Years $3,164 $2,195
Digital Scales
New Kern EW 12000-1NM Precision Balance 1 Year $918 $640
New Kern PCB 10000-1 Precision Balance 1 Year $429 $340
New Kern FKB 8K0.05 Bench Scale Capacity 8 kg, Readout 0.05 g 1 Year $740 $518