About Tovatech

Our core commitment focuses on exceptional customer service.

Tovatech was established by two Ph.D. chemists, Dr. Rachel Kohn and Dr. Robert Sandor, in July 2005 as a distributor of laboratory instruments. Our mission was to serve the scientific community with our technical expertise, ensuring that each customer was offered the product that best solved their specific problem.

Tovatech initially targeted the needs of the chemical and pharmaceutical research communities. Our early products were innovative chromatography and spectrometry systems and accessories. Over the past two years we have shifted our focus to equipment that addresses a much broader market.

Our principal product lines currently include ultrasonic cleaners, precision balances, moisture analyzers, scientific refrigerators and freezers, and digital liquid flow meters. We have added new products each year, and will continue to add to our product offering.

Industries presently served by Tovatech are very diverse and include research, manufacturing, and maintenance divisions of:

  • Academia and government
  • Life sciences: medical, dental, veterinary, medical device, pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical, energy, contract engineering
  • Geological engineering
  • Automotive, aircraft, motorcycle, bicycle
  • Contract environmental and analytical labs
  • Food, beverage, flavor, fragrance
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals and plastics

Tovatech’s extremely rapid growth validates our philosophy that there is no substitute for expert personalized service coupled with a quick response.

Our Founders

Dr. Rachel Kohn, Founder at Tovatech

Dr. Rachel Kohn

Dr. Rachel Kohn has extensive experience in developing technology-based business opportunities. Read her full biography with publications.

Dr. Robert Sandor, Founder at Tovatech

Dr. Robert Sandor

Dr. Robert Sandor has over 15 years of experience managing high tech businesses. He has led the start up and growth of 5 technology companies. Read his full biography with publications.