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Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Small and versatile, our benchtop models provide flexibility and convenience without sacrificing cleaning power. These models are best for smaller objects but come in a variety of sizes and feature options.

Our Most Popular Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners

Elmasonic E Plus - Routine Cleaning and Mixing

The Elmasonic E Plus thoroughly cleans a broad range of parts made of metal, glass, or plastic. Sweep mode assures fast and uniform cleaning. Use Pulse mode to remove stubborn contaminants, degas fresh cleaning solutions or to mix, dissolve and disperse samples. An economical product for shop or lab. In stock for fast delivery.

Key Features

  • Sweep mode for uniform cleaning
  • Pulse for mixing, degassing, strong cleaning
  • Timer 1-30 min or continuous
  • Temperature settings up to 80° C
  • Nine tank sizes from 0.25 gal to 7.5 gal

Elmasonic S - Extra Power, Three Ultrasonic Modes

The Elmasonic S offers powerful Sweep mode cleaning. Select from two additional ultrasonic modes optimized for sample preparation and solvent degassing. Very wide choice of tank sizes, from ¼ gallon to 24 gallons.

Key Features

  • LED display of set and actual parameters
  • 3 Modes for cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Temperature settings up to 80° C
  • 14 tank sizes from 0.25 gal to 24 gal

Elmasonic Select - Programmable Cleaning and Mixing, Five Ultrasonic Modes

Elmasonic Select offers 5 ultrasonic modes to optimize parts cleaning, sample preparation, and solvent degassing. Dynamic mode cleans thoroughly at high intensity.  Eco mode is quiet, gentle, and energy-saving. Mix, disperse, and dissolve samples in Pulse mode.  Save 4 programs for quick call up and reproducible results.  Choose from 11 models with tank capacities from 0.7 to 24 gallons.

Key Features

  • 5 Modes for thorough, rapid cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Timer 1 min to 6 hours; Heater to 80°C
  • Stores up to 4 programs: time, temp, ultrasonic mode
  • Extra-large digital display; signals when run is complete
  • 11 tank sizes from 0.75 to 24 gal

Elmasonic P - Advanced, Dual Frequency, Variable Power

The Elmasonic P has an incredible amount of ultrasonic power for the fastest and most thorough cleaning and sample preparation. Offers total control of the ultrasonic process: choose frequency, power level, time, temperature, ultrasonic mode. Select operation at 80 kHz for virtually silent cleaning of fragile instruments and even fine capillary tubes. The versatile ultrasonic cleaner preferred by R&D laboratories.

Key Features

  • Variable ultrasonic power
  • 4 Modes for cleaning, mixing, degassing
  • Dual frequency: 37 kHz and 80 kHz
  • Timer and heater up to 80° C
  • Six tank sizes from 0.75 gal to 7.5 gal

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

There are a wide range of industrial capacity ultrasonic cleaners. Our large capacity ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of volumes and feature sets best for cleaning larger objects or a large quantity of smaller objects.

Our Most Popular Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

SHIRACLEAN with Solution Filtration

The SHIRACLEAN industrial ultrasonic cleaner is available in a number of sizes designed for industrial machine shops, solder flux removal, printing, electronics, 3-D mold support and a variety of laboratory applications. From aerospace to auto restoration, save time, labor and chemical disposal costs using the SHIRACLEAN washer.

Key Features

  • Filtration to prolong solution lifetime
  • Weir and spray bar to remove oils
  • 40 kHz with Sweep
  • Timer, heater, drain
  • 5 tanks sizes from 25-110 gallons
  • On casters for portability

SOLXP - Clean Large Parts in Low Flash Point Solvent (e.g. IPA, acetone)

For cleaning larger parts with volatile solvents you’ll need a SOL XP explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaner available from Tovatech. Fully nitrogen inerted for fire protection. ETL approved as sold, no additional approvals required.

Key Features

  • ETL listed product
  • Optional air driven pump and purification system reduce handling and improve product quality. For continuous solvent purification
  • Optional cooling coils to reduce solvent loss and further control odor
  • 10-year warranty on ultrasonic transducers