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Tovatech offers scientific scales for accurate, precise weighing from milligrams to kilograms. We offer top quality scales from Kern and Intelligent Weighing Technology. Download our scientific scales product and price guide for popular models, specifications, and pricing.

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Tovatech Is Proud To Offer the Following Scientific Scales

KERN ABS 120-4N Analytical Balance

Analytical Balances

Capable of weighing to within the sub-milligram range such as 0.1mg or in the case of semi-micro balances within 0.01mg readability, which is the number you see on the display. Upper weighing capacity is limited for analytical balances, depending on the models. Weighing pans are enclosed to protect them from dust and stray air currents that can affect accuracy.

Kern Precision Balance PES/PEJ

Precisions Scales

Higher weighing capacities and weighing ranges from readings in milligrams (0.001g) to a capacity of 31,000g, depending on models. Most models have open weighing pans; others are enclosed for draft protection. Some models can be fitted with draft shields.

Kern Platform Scales

Platform Scales

Also known as parcel scales and packaging scales, used for heavier weighing tasks. Readability varies depending on the weighing capacity. As an example, a 3kg maximum weight scale might have a readability of 0.01g while a 300kg scale might have a readability of 100g.

Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales

Popular for receiving docks and warehouses to check the weight of merchandise as it is unloaded or relocated using an overhead crane. Tovatech’s HCN digital hanging scales have stainless steel housings and an IP65 rating to protect against ingress of dust and moisture. They feature front and rear weight displays and a weight holding function.


Download our Product & Price Guide for a list of popular models, specifications, and pricing.



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Where to Find Detailed Scientific Scales Information

Download our free product and price guide to get detailed information on our most popular digital scales and balances. The document includes specifications and pricing.  If you have questions about other models, call or chat with us.

Applications for Scientific Scales

In addition to the two examples above, scientific digital scales serve a number of special functions throughout industry. Here are a few examples.

Density determination: Determining the density of a solid or liquid is easier and more accurate with an analytical balance programmed to work in concert with density determination kits. The density of a liquid or solid is shown on the analytical balance liquid crystal display.

Piece counting: The use of scientific counting scales determines the number of, for example, nuts or bolts in a box.

Place a known number of parts (usually the more the better) on the scale and program the number. This establishes the average piece weight. Then when you add parts the scale will tell you how many parts you have loaded. Counting scales are classified by counting resolution designated as points with higher points indicating better resolution.

Tolerance weighing: Also called check weighing this is a plus or minus value of the target weight or number of pieces that is acceptable for cost control or regulatory guidelines. An example is a scientific scale with red, green and yellow indicators showing the value as below, on target and above pre-set limits.

Recipe weighing: Used when compounding products where strict control of ingredients is mandatory and when researchers create and vary formulations while seeking to develop new or improved products. A scientific recipe weighing scale documents the mixture of several components one by one and the total weight of all components can be called up for control purposes.

Percentage weighing: Certain models of precision scientific scales can be programmed, among other functions, for percentage weighing. This application uses a preset reference weight to equal 100%. The balance displays the sample weight in percent relative to the reference value.

Dynamic weighing: This type of scientific scale displays an average weight when environmental conditions are unstable or when weighing animals that tend to want to move about when on the weighing pan.

In addition to selection tips referenced above we also call attention to the importance of calibration on a regular basis. Scientific scales are designed for internal or external calibration, the latter requiring the purchase of calibration weights. You will learn more about this in our post on calibrating scientific scales.

Considering Options for your Scientific Scale

As with many purchases, options are available to facilitate your weighing procedures and contribute to accuracy and GLP. These options vary depending on the scientific scale you are considering and what you are doing. Examples include:

  • An ionizer to neutralize electrostatic charge that can distort weighing results
  • A printer that connects to the balance to record results in accordance with good laboratory practices (GLP)
  • Software that enables the balance to transfer data to a PC.
  • Density determination kit as noted above

And don’t forget to look at warranties. Warranties vary from model to model even for the same manufacturer.

Consider downloading a copy of our Buyer’s Guide to Digital Scales for helpful information on choosing the correct weighing instrument.

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