Elmasonic xtra ST Ultrasonic Cleaners

Selecting an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you have tough cleaning jobs characterized by heavy, tenacious contaminants or run cleaning cycles over long periods of time, regardless of part size, you should consider an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.  This post describes the various features and functions offered by industrial ultrasonic washers and how they contribute to achieving desired results.  Select Your Topic…

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Selecting Calibration Weights

Selecting Scale Weights for Calibration Testing

By Rachel Kohn | September 13, 2023

Calibrating precision digital scales, analytical balances and moisture analyzers that rely on accurate weight measurement requires periodic tests using a scale weight closely matching the maximum capacity of the instrument being tested.…

Selecting a Super Cold Freezer

How to Specify a Super Cold Freezer

By Rachel Kohn | August 14, 2023

Ultra low temperature freezers are used for long-term storage of pharmaceuticals and biological specimens, and for testing a product’s ability to perform in super-cold environments.

Clean Machined Parts with an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Efficiently Clean Machined Parts with Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Bob Sandor | July 18, 2023

Cleaning finely machined parts with ultrasonic energy avoids damage by abrasive compounds and mechanical scrubbing to remove grinding dust, metal shavings, lubricants, cutting and coolant fluid residues.   That’s why ultrasonic cleaners are…

Vaccine Storage

Specification Guidelines for Medical Refrigerators

By Rachel Kohn | July 12, 2023

Medical refrigerators – also called laboratory and scientific refrigerators – employed across healthcare and research facilities can be broadly classified into three categories: Temperatures shown are examples. Temperature capability is indicated on…

Calibrate a Flow Meter for HPLC Pumping Systems

Flow Meter Calibration for HPLC Pumping Systems

By Rachel Kohn | June 28, 2023

First of all, our HPLC flow meters are shipped factory calibrated along with an accompanying calibration certificate for a flow rate of 1.0 ml/min plus additional flow rates requested by the customer. The calibration certificate certifies that the displayed flow rate is within ±1% of the actual flow rate at each calibration point.

What is a Moisture Analyzer?

How to Determine Moisture Content

By Rachel Kohn | June 14, 2023

Incorrect moisture content affects shelf life of foods, flow ability, chemical reactions, the ability of a product to be processed, and overall product performance.

Gun Cleaning Solvent

An Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Tank Maintains Firearms

By Bob Sandor | May 9, 2023

Investments in firearms by individuals and organizations can be substantial. Here you will learn how to use an ultrasonic gun cleaning tank to maintain firearms.  It offers you guidance on when and…

Ultrasonic Cleaner Degas

Ultrasonic Cleaner Degas: Why it’s Important

By Bob Sandor | April 13, 2023

Degassing fresh ultrasonic cleaning solutions in Degas mode allows normal cleaning operations to start within 10 minutes rather than the 30 minutes that may be required by using ultrasonic cleaning action to accomplish degassing.

Ultrasonic Cleaners with Remote Generators

Ultrasonic Cleaners with Remote Generators

By Rachel Kohn | March 15, 2023

Space constraints and operating conditions can make remote ultrasonic cleaner generators a practical alternative to integral systems.

Using Acetone Solvent as an Ultrasonic Bath

By Bob Sandor | March 9, 2023

Acetone, a solvent and thinner available in paint and hardware stores, carries on its container a warning that it is extremely flammable and quickly evaporates.  These two characteristics are always important to…

Elmasonic Flex 2 Header

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks: What You Should Know

By Rachel Kohn | February 13, 2023

While a variety of ultrasonic cleaners are the market, one component they have in common is the ultrasonic cleaning tank where cleaning action takes place.  Whether you select a basic model ultrasonic…

Determining Moisture Content in Food

Determining and Confirming Moisture Content in Food

By Rachel Kohn | January 25, 2023

As reported in Wikipedia, “Food moisture analysis involves the whole coverage of the food items in the world because foods are comprising a considerable amount of water rather than other ingredients.” Food…