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Ultrasonic Cleaner Uses

Ultrasonic Cleaner Uses in Business and Industry

According to Future Market Insights the Ultrasonic Cleaning Market will be worth US $3.2 billion by 2033, citing market forecasts predicting a CAGR of 5.3%. FMI comments that this growth is “driven by rising demand for environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning solutions, alongside notable technological advancements.”  It notes “ultrasonic cleaning is more cost-effective than traditional cleaning…

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Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner to Restore Carburetors

Choosing a Cleaning Solution for Carburetors

By Rachel Kohn | January 26, 2024

Nothing is faster than an ultrasonic cleaner when refurbishing carburetors. Here’s why.

Sonicator Baths in Sample Preparation

The Role of Sonicator Baths in Sample Preparation

By Rachel Kohn | January 15, 2024

An ultrasonic cleaner employed as a sonicator bath can achieve rapid sample preparation while avoiding chemical degradation of the API due to excessive heat.

Gun Cleaning Solvent

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Tank for Firearms

By Bob Sandor | December 22, 2023

Investments in firearms by individuals and organizations can be substantial, and a regular cleaning regimen helps protect that investment.  A MilMag article titled “Weapons Cleaning for Dummies” notes that of four methods…

How to Select an Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution

By Rachel Kohn | December 13, 2023

According to Verified Market Research, the Global Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Market value is estimated to be USD 1,934.90 Million in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 3,211.88 Million by 2030 witnessing…

How to Select an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

How to Select an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Bob Sandor | November 22, 2023

Industrial and commercial ultrasonic cleaners can represent a sizeable investment. The global market, including industrial ultrasonic cleaners, is expected to reach $2.43 billion by 2028 according to Data Bridge Market Research.  The…

HPLC Flow Meter Cleaning Tips

HPLC Flow Meter Cleaning Tips

By Bob Sandor | November 17, 2023

Fast, accurate calibration of flow rates used in HPLC flow systems can be compromised if the flow meter is not maintained. Here are some maintenance tips.

Scientific Refrigerators and Freezers for Research and Healthcare Professionals

Laboratory Refrigerator Selection Criteria

By Rachel Kohn | October 27, 2023

Pharmaceuticals, blood and plasma must be stored within tight temperature ranges to avoid loss of potency or spoilage. Lab refrigerators and lab freezers are built to meet the demanding requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers.

Ultrasonic passivation of stainless steel

Ultrasonic Passivation for Stainless Steel

By Rachel Kohn | October 20, 2023

Stainless steels such as AISI* Types 304, 310 and 316, are favored for strength and corrosion resistance.  Applications include food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing, surgical implants, architecture and transportation.  Over time starting…

Ultrasonic Cleaner Degas

Ultrasonic Cleaner Degas: Why it’s Important

By Bob Sandor | September 28, 2023

Degassing fresh ultrasonic cleaning solutions in Degas mode allows normal cleaning operations to start within 10 minutes rather than the 30 minutes that may be required by using ultrasonic cleaning action to accomplish degassing.

Elmasonic xtra ST Ultrasonic Cleaners

Selecting an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Bob Sandor | September 20, 2023

If you have tough cleaning jobs characterized by heavy, tenacious contaminants or run cleaning cycles over long periods of time, regardless of part size, you should consider an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.  This…

Selecting Calibration Weights

Selecting Scale Weights for Calibration Testing

By Rachel Kohn | September 13, 2023

Calibrating precision digital scales, analytical balances and moisture analyzers that rely on accurate weight measurement requires periodic tests using a scale weight closely matching the maximum capacity of the instrument being tested.…

Selecting a Super Cold Freezer

How to Specify a Super Cold Freezer

By Rachel Kohn | August 14, 2023

Ultra low temperature freezers are used for long-term storage of pharmaceuticals and biological specimens, and for testing a product’s ability to perform in super-cold environments.