Accessories for Ultrasonic Cleaners

The effectiveness of an ultrasonic cleaning or mixing operation depends on the proper positioning of the parts or samples in the bath.  A variety of accessories are available to accomplish this.  As a further consideration, bath maintenance equipment can lower your operating costs by prolonging bath life, protecting your investment in ultrasonic cleaning units and reducing waste.

Tovatech stocks the accessories below that are associated with the most common ultrasonic cleaning operations and offers assistance in selecting those that best support your requirements.

Watch the videos below for a quick overview of the full line of accessories for Laboratory or Industry.


New Baskets & Pins

Elma's new modular baskets feature a punched pattern on the base and side walls. With available different pins, these holes allow the objects inside to be positioned as required. For unlimited flexibility.

Each item can be individually secured – whether bulky industrial parts, laboratory glassware, small watch components or items of jewelry. The number of objects that can be cleaned in the basket is thus maximized and optimal cleaning results are ensured thanks to perfect placement, which also saves water, cleaning chemicals, energy as well as time and money.

Ultrasonic Cleaner PinsWhen you purchase the Elma Modular Basket, you can also order the Elma Pins and the holders as optional accessories. Dividers are available to partition the baskets into sections or adjust the basket depth. These products are recommended if you want to customize your cleaning process.


Accessories and Support Equipment

Baskets are almost universally used in an ultrasonic cleaning tank to hold parts being cleaned because the parts should not come in contact with the cleaning tank itself.  Baskets rest on supports so that they too do not come in direct contact with the tank bottom or walls.

Ultrasonic Cleaner BasketsSeveral basket configurations are available to satisfy various cleaning requirements. Elma baskets with solid sides and mesh bottoms are being phased out, but are still available in most sizes. Cylindrical fine mesh baskets are used to hold very small parts.  These cylindrical baskets can be placed inside beakers.

Trays of plastic or metal are used to hold specially formulated solutions such as lubricants. Parts to be lubricated are placed in the tray so it is in contact with the solution.  Cavitation action ensures the lubricant reaches every surface of the parts.

Acid resistant plastic tub inserts are used when aggressive cleaning solutions will damage stainless steel tanks.

Sieve Rotation HolderSieve rotation holders are specialized devices that fit into the ultrasonic bath for cleaning up to four analytical sieves simultaneously.  Contaminants fall to the bottom of the tank, not into other sieves.

Cooling coils may be required to maintain ultrasonic cleaning baths below a certain temperature, as the ultrasonic energy itself causes the liquid to heat. They are clipped to the inside tank wall and are connected to a source of cold water such as a recirculating chiller.

Bath maintenance accessories can quickly pay for themselves by prolonging the life of the ultrasonic cleaning solution and avoiding tank damage due to settling out of dirt particles. Examples include filtration units and oil skimmers.   Note that while most ultrasonic cleaning solutions are biodegradable, waste solutions contain contaminants and must be disposed of properly.

Beaker holders, test tube holders, tool holders, flask clamps and hook racks are examples of accessories designed to increase cleaning efficiency through proper parts positioning in ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

After ultrasonic cleaning and/or rinsing, parts may be air-dried or dried in various types of dryers or ovens.  Tabletop warm air dryers are conveniently sized to fit the parts baskets.

Elma MuteboxThe Elma Mutebox ML and XL guarantee low-noise cleaning. Their quiet fan and optimal insulation make working with ultrasonic equipment a pleasant, health-friendly and quiet experience, whether for cleaning or sample preparation. In addition, the fan extracts condensation water and vapors to the rear. Noise levels are reduced by up to 85 %.

Count on Tovatech LLC for professional assistance in helping you select accessories that help speed your ultrasonic cleaning operations, improve cleaning results and lower your cleaning costs.

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