Dr. Rachel Kohn

Dr. Rachel Kohn has extensive experience in developing technology-based business opportunities. Prior to founding Tovatech, she successfully built international sales of novel analytical instrumentation for Smiths Detection as a Global Account Manager in the Life Sciences division. Dr. Kohn’s prior positions include Director of Business Development at Photon-X, a telecom component start-up, Project Manager at Cardinal Health, and Business Director at the Medical Device Concept Laboratory, a nonprofit research institution focused on development of biomaterials and implantable medical devices. In addition, Dr. Kohn held various positions at Hoechst Celanese Corporation, including Marketing Manager, Project Team Leader, Business Analyst, and Senior Research Scientist. She has authored 37 patents and publications based on laboratory research in diverse fields such as advanced drug delivery systems, polymer films and membranes, optical disks, and polysaccharides. Dr. Kohn has a B.A. in Chemistry from Barnard College and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from M.I.T.

After working as a bench chemist for almost 20 years, Rachel knows lab equipment.  She feels the pain of a technician operating with the wrong equipment and enjoys solving problems. “Ultrasonic cleaners and horn sonicators, precision balances from top loaders to microbalances, lab refrigerators and freezers were all common tools in my lab.  I’ve had a very broad range of experience in several different fields of science and industry and that helps me understand the problems my customers are facing. Tell me about your challenges in research, development, quality control, manufacturing, or maintenance and I’ll do my best to help.”

Some Of My Patents and Publications