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Tovatech offers a comprehensive line of Kern microscopes and refractometers for research and QC in pharmaceutical, food, metalworking, manufacturing, laboratory and classroom applications.

Kern MicroscopeEstablished in 1844 in Germany, Kern is a worldwide supplier of precision weighing and measuring technology.  Kern offers a comprehensive line of digital scales, analytical balances, moisture analyzers, microscopes and refractometers.

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  • Compound microscopes for transparent/translucent preparation
  • Stereo microscopes for 3-D surface observation
  • Phase contrast microscopes for preparations with minimal contrast
  • Fluorescence microscopes for specific or auto colored fluorescent structures
  • Polarization microscopes for preparations with refraction/anisotropic properties
  • Metallurgical microscopes for surface observation
  • Inverted microscopes for viewing samples in culture vessels
  • Microscope cameras: C-mount, integrated eyepiece and tablet

These durable top microscopes, cameras, support systems and software provide superior optical quality supported by Philips halogen and LED illumination.

Kern Digital RefractometerLet us help you select your Kern Refractometer

Kern ORM digital hand-held, maintenance-free refractometers are suitable for a quick and convenient everyday use.

They find wide application measuring indices in honey, wine, beer, coffee, sugar, salt, fructose and glucose samples. Features include easy-to-read displays, automatic temperature compensation, and IP65 protection against moisture and dust.

Accessories include a prism cover, pipette, storage box, AAA battery and instruction manual.

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