Ultrasonic Cleaners and How they Work

Ultrasonic cleaners will probably never rank as high as a hot air fryer or microwave oven on a family wish list but according to recent statistics the market for versatile and thorough ultrasonic cleaners will grow to $738.1 million in 2027 from $604.8 million in 2019.  While householders and DIY mechanics are increasingly attracted to…

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How to Count on Your Digital Counting Scales

By Rachel Kohn | October 15, 2009

There’s no doubt that using counting scales can save time and money. Easier to explain is time, because these accurate tools can do in seconds or minutes what it would take hours to count by hand.

How to Connect Your HPLC Flow Meter to a PC

By Bob Sandor | October 15, 2009

Connecting a meter to a PC with an RS-232 interface to transfer flow meter readings into Excel via the Windows HyperTerminal program.

Maintenance Tips for Your Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Rachel Kohn | October 15, 2009

What maintenance procedures does your company follow to get the best performance and life from your ultrasonic cleaners? What kind of wear and tear have you seen on your ultrasonic tank? Do you use a parts basket?

Check out Ultrasonic Cleaning as a High-Tech Tool for Home Healthcare

By Bob Sandor | October 15, 2009

What is your family doing to guard against transmitted diseases? Do you find you are paying more attention to cleaning and disinfecting? Please share your experiences and recommendations.

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Engine Parts – A Shade Tree Mechanic’s Tale

By Bob Sandor | October 15, 2009

Are you a backyard mechanic? How do you get the grease and grime off parts when you’re doing a tune-up?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Restores Glitter to Estate Jewelry

By Rachel Kohn | October 15, 2009

How do you clean your customers’ jewelry or estate jewelry before putting it on the market? Do you use automated processes other than ultrasound? How long does it typically take and how satisfactory are the results?

Laboratory Refrigerators: Automatic or Manual Defrost?

By Bob Sandor | September 1, 2009

Cold-storage solutions for costly laboratory samples require careful purchasing decisions based on the value of the products being stored.

Hair Restoration Clinic Uses Ultrasonic Cleaner on Hairpieces

By Bob Sandor | September 1, 2009

Polyurethane adhesive residue in hairpieces can be removed easily with the mechanical action of an Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner.