SHIRACLEAN Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

SHIRACLEAN with Solution Filtration

SHIRACLEAN Industrial Ultrasonic CleanersSHIRACLEAN industrial ultrasonic cleaners are available in a number of sizes designed for industrial machine shops, solder flux removal, printing, electronics, 3-D mold support and a variety of laboratory applications. From aerospace to auto restoration, save time, labor and chemical disposal costs using the SHIRACLEAN washer – all while cleaning a wide variety of parts more quickly and more effectively, without toxic chemicals.

SHIRACLEAN Features and Benefits:

  • Fully insulated stainless steel tank
  • Exterior Hammertone powder coat finish
  • Digital temperature control
  • Low liquid level sensor
  • 40 kHz frequency with Sweep
  • Illuminated control panel
  • Digital timer-controlled ultrasound
  • Dual cartridge filtration with weir and spray bar
  • Hinged stainless steel cover
  • Stainless steel work area
  • Stainless steel plumbing
  • Casters for portability
  • Two-year parts warranty



Tank Volume: 25 gal

Shiraclean 25G

Inside Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
18 x 18 x 14


Tank Volume: 86 gal

Shiraclean 86G

Inside Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
36 x 24 x 20


Tank Volume: 33 gal

Shiraclean 33G

Inside Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
24 x 18 x 14


Tank Volume: 110 gal

Shiraclean 110G

Inside Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
48 x 26 x 20


Tank Volume: 45 gal

Shiraclean 45G

Inside Dimensions (L x W x H in.):
34 x 18 x 14

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