How to Use an Analytical Balance

How to Use an Analytical Balance: 5 Tips

University and industrial laboratory researchers requiring extremely accurate measurements of extremely small quantities rely on a precision instrument called an analytical balance. Shopping for an analytical balance requires being familiar with some of the advanced features available today as well as the proper use of these precision instruments. It is on the second point that…

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Frequency and Power Header

Ultrasonic Cleaner Frequency and Power

By Rachel Kohn | October 26, 2021

Understanding ultrasonic frequencies and ultrasonic power is important when selecting ultrasonic cleaning equipment

How to Safely Use a Solvent Cleaner

By Rachel Kohn | October 14, 2021

This post describes two procedures for using flammable solvents in an ultrasonic cleaning operation.

Gun Cleaning Solvent

How to Maintain Firearms with an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

By Bob Sandor | September 20, 2021

Investments in firearms by individuals and organizations can be substantial.  This post provides a  comprehensive tutorial on how to maintain firearms with an ultrasonic cleaner.  It offers you guidance on when and…

Avoid Product Damage by Ultrasonic Waves

Avoid Product Damage by Ultrasonic Waves

By Rachel Kohn | September 15, 2021

While properly operated and controlled ultrasonic cleaning is generally safe for a wide range of products, the key criterion being “properly operated.” This is a combination of the cleaning solution composition, bath temperature and the ultrasonic frequency employed. The guiding factor is the items being cleaned and what is being removed.

Solvent Ultrasonic Cleaning Helps Porvair Filtration Meet Customer Specs

By Bob Sandor | August 17, 2021

An explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaning system satisfies customers’ preferences for flammable solvents employed during initial cleaning processes for new and reconditioned stainless-steel filters, reports Jeff Bernier, Quality Manager at Porvair Filtration Group in…

How to Use Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners for Heavy Parts Degreasing?

By Rachel Kohn | August 17, 2021

Heavy parts degreasing engines and other heavy, complex machinery components can be accomplished quickly and effectively by cavitation action in industrial ultrasonic cleaners. This post provides guidance on the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning,…

How to Pick the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner:

How to Pick the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Rachel Kohn | August 13, 2021

Here are some important points to consider when considering an ultrasonic cleaner.

Digital HPLC Flowmeters – An Overview

By Rachel Kohn | July 29, 2021

What you’ll learn in this digital HPLC flowmeters overview: What flow meters do Flow measurement validation options HPLC flow meter calibration Mounting options for HPLC flow meters Connecting the flow meter to…

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Hair Salons &. Barbers

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner in Your Hair Salon

By Rachel Kohn | July 23, 2021

When regulations require an ultrasonic cleaner in a hair salon or cosmetology salon, a compact ultrasonic cleaner such as Elma’s E30H model available from Tovatech easily fits on a bench or tabletop in a designated cleaning area.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Baskets

Ultrasonic Cleaner Parts Boost Cleaning Efficiency

By Rachel Kohn | July 13, 2021

Containers and supports used to hold or suspend parts in an ultrasonic cleaner should be designed to minimize interference with the cavitation cleaning action. Here are some suggestions.

Using Solvent Ultrasonic Cleaning To Remove Machining Oils and Particulates from Piece Parts

By Rachel Kohn | July 7, 2021

L3 Harris EDD (Electron Devices), Torrance, CA, manufactures products such as traveling wave tubes, xenon ion propulsion systems, electronic power conditioners and microwave power modules for a variety of space and defense…

Large Ultrasonic Cleaner Selection

Large Ultrasonic Cleaner Selection

By Rachel Kohn | May 14, 2021

A large ultrasonic cleaner is a close cousin to an industrial ultrasonic cleaner but is selected to clean (you guessed it!) large parts.  Or a large number of parts in the same…