Automated Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners Creates Big Savings

Automated industrial ultrasonic cleaner systems use a variety of mechanisms to clean work-in-progress parts, devices, and equipment. This video gives a demo of a belt type ultrasonic cleaning system where a hydraulic arm automatically transfers your parts from one cleaning tank to the next. This approach frees up operator time from the manual chore of cleaning. Not only that the degree of cleaning achieved ultrasonically is of a much higher quality than most manual cleaning operations and that too in less than half the time it would take. A true saving in production costs.… Read the rest

How to Calibrate a Moisture Balance

Laboratory-scale moisture analyzers use halogen or infrared heaters as part of a procedure to determine moisture content in products to ensure they are in compliance with federal or industry regulations.  As with all precision analytical scales and balances accuracy is a paramount requirement for a moisture analyzer.

In the case of moisture analyzers, two calibration processes must be performed: one for weighing accuracy and one for temperature accuracy.

Why Moisture Analyzers Must be Calibrated

It takes very little in the way of disturbances to impact the accuracy of a moisture analyzer balance.  For example, the effect of gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth, meaning that newly purchased analyzers must be calibrated on location before being used.

Moreover, changing environmental conditions in the laboratory or wherever moisture analyzers are used can impact accuracy, as can moving a unit to another location, even if it’s only to another worktable.   The … Read the rest

Onis Ultrasonic Dishwasher – Appliance Vaporware?

In our earlier posts we’d reported on newspaper articles from the 20th century that had speculated on the launch of the ultrasonic dishwasher.  Based on our current understanding of ultrasonic cleaner physics and the limitations of designs, we’d said that it would be highly unlikely and cost prohibitive. Well we may have to eat our words on that. Widely reported in the tech and gadget blogs a while ago Appliancist reports that De Dietrich has come out with Onis the Ultrasonic Dishwasher.  There is only one problem though: We can’t find a mention of it anywhere on the De Dietrich site or anywhere else not referencing the Appliancst post.  Looks more like a case of appliance vaporware.  If anyone has any information please contact us and we’ll be glad to update this post with the actual details.

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Clean Room Facility Uses Ultrasonic Cleaner

Geek your heart out.  The Clean Room Facility at Yale is overloaded with every device and equipment and tool that you can think of.  The equipment list looks good enough to build your own rocket ship in your back yard.  Well almost. Assuming of course that you had a large enough backyard or maybe with the genius of Anakin Skywalker you could make do with just a regular sized backyard! Emoticons are banned on this blog (till now!) or else I’d have sneaked one in right about now. In any event what led us to the clean room was the ultrasonic cleaner we spotted tucked away in the corner.  That’s just great.  In a few more years I could probably get to crew on the space station as a ultrasonic cleaner technician!

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Learn the Proper Use of an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Working with the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner got me fascinated with jewelry design. Googling around, I came across this Career Diploma in Jewelry Repair & Design. I am wondering if anyone knows more about this course? The only thing that guided me in my search was to look for a course that included ultrasonic cleaning in its training program. Call me biased but if you are training to be a jeweler then learning how to clean them in an ultrasonic cleaner should be part of the course curriculum no? It is equally important to know what type of jewelry and gemstones NOT TO CLEAN in an ultrasonic cleaner. My thinking: If the course teaches proper use of an ultrasonic cleaner in jewelry cleaning then they should be pretty alright.  What do you think?

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Guide to Green Replacements for Chlorinated Solvents

If you want to dump chlorinated cleaning solutions from your cleaning and degreasing operations the EPA has a great guide.  The guide will help you research alternative cleaning systems and is a good starting point to investigate replacing chlorinated solvents with non-polluting, non-hazardous solvents.  It is targeted at plant process and system design engineers and has ‘process change’ explanations.  This can help you evaluate change options for both existing plants as well as new cleaning and degreasing processes. Needless to say, one of the recommendations include ultrasonic cleaners, which is what attracted us to the article in the first place. Our own line of industrial ultrasonic cleaners are well suited as drop in replacements for any complex cleaning and degreasing operation.  Contact our expert scientists for more details.

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Overview of Aqueous Cleaning Systems

This is a good overview of your options with aqueous cleaning processes and systems. Parts cleaning happens in batch mode – where you load the washer with the parts first before starting the cleaning cycle; or in continuous mode – where the parts are loaded continuously and move through a washer system.  Corresponding to that you have either the immersion technique or the spraying technique. And then of course you have the ultrasonic parts cleaning process.  The document also offers purchasing guidelines and a set of FAQs in response to the most common questions on the topic.

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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner for Auto Fleets Can Save $25,000 or more

Yet another case study that looks at the cost of switching to aqueous cleaning for a vehicle fleet.  A simple calculator tool at the end of the article outlines the different critical cost heads that you should consider. A solvent cleaning operation with 4 units costs approximately $61,000 per year while a aqueous based ultrasonic cleaning system can cost somewhere between $8000 and $16,000.  Potential annual savings were calculated at $25,000.  An ultrasonic parts cleaner is seriously a no brainer when it comes to parts cleaning.  Not only do they bring in significant cost savings, they are also environmentally friendly, and increase worker safety in the repair shop.


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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Saves $15,000 with 7 Month Payback

Here is another case study selling the benefits of aqueous cleaning for auto repair shops. This case study gets right down to the bone and analyzes the actual payback period for an investment in ultrasonic cleaning systems. Acoss the 9 auto repair shops studied there was an annual savings of $15,000 at the maximum and a payback period of 5 months at the minimum.  This varies according to the nature of operation and you should review the report and benchmark it against your repair shop. Using an ultrasonic parts cleaners is a fairly straightforward operation and shouldn’t pose any great difficulty in getting started.  For more information on how to convert your auto repair shop to aqueous ultrasonic cleaning systerms please contact us.

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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Ideal for Aqueous Cleaning

The University of Minnesota’s Technical Assistance website has a good overview of aqueous cleaners and parts washers for small operations. They explain the benefits of aqueous cleaners when compared to petroleum based solvents.  Environmentally friendly, non hazardous chemistries, coupled with increased worker safety push the case for switching to aqueous cleaners. The article explains the different types of aqueous cleaners and their operations, and winds up the discussion with recommending ultrasonic cleaners as a method to clean complex parts with intricate, hard to reach internal geometries. Something we’ve been advocating for a very long time.  See our article on ultrasonic parts cleaning of complex structures.… Read the rest