How to Specify a Pass-Through Industrial Refrigerator

Specify a Pass-Through Industrial Refrigerator

Pass through industrial refrigerators are preferred cold-storage units for applications where convenience and/or content protection is desired when transferring contents between one location and another.  As the name suggests these refrigerators allow access from the front and back for stocking and removal of their contents.  In this post we describe to buyers important tips on how to specify a pass-through industrial refrigerator.

But first…….

Do you Need a Pass-Through Industrial Refrigerator?

In many instances they can simplify handling and storage and enhance workflow. 

For example, in a typical scenario a pass-through refrigerator is used to permit products to be stocked from the back and removed from the front.  This feature supports a “first-in-first-out” inventory control system as stockers move the older product forward to minimize loss due to expiration or use-by  dates. 

Pass-through refrigerators can also serve as a temperature-controlled “boundary” between separate facility functions such as separating a clean room or controlled environment room from other locations in the research or production facility. Similar applications include the pharmacy separating compounding areas from the customer service area.

In other words, these units find application anywhere closely controlled cold-temperature storage is required while facilitating both product stocking and removal from different areas of the facility.

So, if your answer to the above question is “yes” you should familiarize yourself with specifications to be considered when buying a pass-through refrigerator.  BTW: these are also important considerations for any scientific refrigerator.

What to Look For in a Pass-Through Refrigerator

Temperature Control and Stability

Because pass-through industrial refrigerators typically store temperature-sensitive products the first item of concern is temperature control and stability, otherwise stated as minimum temperature drift.

Norlake Scientific Premier refrigerator models available from Tovatech provide this by using a digital LED microprocessor temperature controller adjustable 2.0⁰C to 10.0⁰C.  There is a continuous product temperature display.

Alarming Systems

An industrial refrigerator can contain inventory  representing substantial investment.  Variances from recommended storage temperature could result in product loss. 

For this reason another important specification criterion is a reliable alarming system. 

Nor-Lake Premier pass through refrigerators deliver on this feature using visual and audible high-low temperature alarms.  Remote alarm contacts provide a means of alerting personnel in other areas in the facility of a temperature excursion.

Storage Capacity Considerations

Pass-through industrial refrigerators such as the Nor-Lake Premier series are available in three models with just over 25, 55 and 85 cubic feet in storage capacity with single, double and triple lock-equipped doors, respectively. 

Models are supplied with 3 coated wire shelves per door; additional shelving is available.  Magnetic door gaskets help ensure a tight seal.

Glass Doors, Solid Doors or Both

Each of the three basic models (by capacity) can be ordered with

  • Double-paned glass front and solid back doors. 
  • Solid front and back doors.  
  • Double-paned glass front and back doors. This is an ideal selection for use in applications where all personnel need to see the contents.

Other Pass-Thru Refrigerator Features

The auto-defrost Norlake pass-through industrial refrigerator is furnished with 3 coated wire shelves per door section, a switch-activated internal light and a lockable caster system to facilitate movement and placement.

Options include:

  • An  internal electric outlet
  • 2″ access port sleeve with cover
  • 1″ access port for an additional sensor
  • Legs instead of casters
  • Stainless steel 2-way drawers (8 maximum per door section)
  • Wire basket drawers 2-way drawers (8 maximum per door section) 
  • 4-20ma output
  • Stainless steel interiors and exteriors  (applicable models)

For full details on the Nor-Lake Premier pass-through refrigerators contact the Tovatech refrigeration experts.

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