Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner Features Uniform Sonication

Uniform sonication, or perfect sound field distribution, is a desirable feature for ultrasonic cleaners used in analytical and medical laboratories as well as other professional settings. Uniform sonication assures users that instruments and equipment being cleaned, and lab samples being processed in flasks or beakers, receive “equal treatment” regardless of their position in the tank.        

The Secret to Uniform Sonication

Researchers at Elma Ultrasonics, a supplier to Tovatech, determined that an impediment to uniform sonication is interference due to the tank drain duct found on most benchtop ultrasonic cleaners.   This was demonstrated in a drain-equipped unit: cavitation in a beaker suspended on the drain side of the tank was not as vigorous as in the beaker on the opposite side. 

P30H – Lid On

Based on this Tovatech offers the 0.8 gallon Elmasonic P30SE ultrasonic cleaner. This unit has no drain and demonstrates homogeneous sonication. Our post how ultrasonic cleaners work gives you more details on the process. 

A Versatile Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner

The dual range 37/80 kHz frequency Elmasonic P30SE allows users to select the lower frequency for more vigorous cleaning, mixing, dissolving and degassing tasks. Select 80 kHz for cleaning delicate capillaries, highly finished surfaces or for longer cleaning cycles. The unit allows users to program an automatic 30-second frequency switch-over for simultaneous coarse and fine cleaning.

Other Useful Features and Benefits

Housed in an attractive, easily cleaned stainless steel case, the Elmasonic P30SE offers these additional user-activated features allowing researchers to customize sample prep and cleaning processes:

  • Time and temperature settings with “set” and “actual” shown on the LED display
  • Normal or fixed-frequency mode mixes, dissolves and disperses
  • Pulse mode delivers high-intensity bursts to remove stubborn deposits or dissolve difficult samples
  • Sweep mode provides uniform distribution of cavitation action throughout the tank
  • Degas mode removes air from new solutions, HPLC samples and solvents
  • Adjustable ultrasonic power matches to sensitive surfaces
  • A pause function to examine or remove bath contents
  • Auto-start initiates sonication when the set bath temperature is reached
  • Automatic switch-off after 12 hours continuous use or if the bath reaches 90⁰C (194⁰F)

These and other features are accessed and activated via the comprehensive control panel on the P series of ultrasonic cleaners. Set and actual parameters are shown on the control panel digital display.

Applications for the P30SE Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner

Despite its small size, the P30SE is a highly popular unit for specialized laboratory applications involving preparing small samples and cleaning small products.

Liposomal encapsulated vitamin C offers a high absorption efficiency vs. taking vitamin C pills and is much more convenient than intravenous administration.

Because liposomal vitamin C has a short shelf life liposomal nanoparticle preparing can be accomplished in a small ultrasonic cleaner such as the P30SE along with its companion beaker kit.  

For more on this application see our post on producing liposomal vitamin C.  

Sample Preparation

Ultrasonic cleaners employed as a sonicator bath may be used to extract an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from its carrier, or excipient, prior to conducting content uniformity and potency assay tests.  Other sample prep activities include solubilizing, dissolving, extracting, digesting, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing.

The Elmasonic P30SE is an ideal ultrasonic unit for preparing small samples.

Similar to processing liposomal vitamin C as described above, samples are placed in containers such as beakers, flasks, centrifuge tubes or test tubes along with appropriate solvents. Containers are suspended in a water bath containing a surfactant. A wide variety of accessories are available to securely support varied containers in the bath. Ultrasonic energy passes through glass container walls, rapidly dispersing, mixing, or dissolving the samples.

Heat build-up occurs during ultrasonic cleaner operation. If this is a concern, a cooling coil is a useful accessory.

Our post sonicator baths in sample preparation goes into detail on this application.

Cleaning Small Instruments

Removing contaminants from small instruments can be accomplished in the Elmasonic P30SE.  Instruments are placed in the optional cleaning basket along with a proper cleaning solution formula such as Elma Lab Clean N10.

Extremely small instruments can also be placed in fine mesh baskets available in several sizes. These are placed in the cleaning basket or inserted into beakers.

Cleaning with volatile solvents

Cleaning with volatile solvents such as IPA, acetone and toluene requires special care. The Elmasonic P30SE along with its volatile solvent beaker kit can be used when cleaning small products. To familiarize yourself with regulations and cautions we encourage you to read our post ultrasonic cleaning with flammable solvents.  

Need More Info on Lab Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Contact the ultrasonic cleaning professionals at Tovatech for more details on the Elmasonic P30SE and other ultrasonic cleaners that meet your lab requirements. Rely on Tovatech for unbiased answers to alll of your questions on selecting ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning solution formulations to meet your needs.

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