Environmental Test Chamber Series with Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The 52 cubic foot NSRI522WSW/0H temperature/humidity test chamber
The 52 cubic foot NSRI522WSW/0H temperature/humidity test chamber

A new series of environmental test chambers now available from Tovatech in 4 storage capacities from 24 to 80 cubic feet feature ultrasonic humidifiers producing far smaller water particles than centrifugal humidifiers.  The ultrasonic humidifiers are placed above rather than inside storage cabinets thereby freeing space for additional test specimens.   Dehumidification is handled by a separate latent coil.  Both systems are operated by a programmable logic microprocessor controller.

The ultrasonic humidifiers require water with low mineral content delivered at 10 to 60 psi.  As a means of conserving this water an optional purification system for tap water is available.  Connected to the temperature humidity stability test chamber it continuously recycles used water drawn from the unit’s pluggable interior drain.

The system delivers a humidity variation of ±3% in the humidity controlled temperature range between 10⁰ and 70⁰C.

Precise temperature control at ± 0.5⁰C from 4⁰ to 70⁰C is also supported by the programmable logic microprocessor; product temperature and percent relative humidity are continuously displayed.

Test Chambers with a Comprehensive Control System

Long-term temperature and stability testing depends on reliable test chamber performance.  A comprehensive control and alarming system is

Close-up of the temperature/humidity test chamber controls.
Close-up of the temperature/humidity test chamber controls.

built into these environmental test chambers to alert personnel when conditions fall outside set parameters.  Features include the abovementioned fully programmable logic microprocessor, and a single multi-function interface key pad. All these are managed at the front-mounted digital 132 x 64 LED display. Standard controls include:

  • fully programmable ramp soak functions
  • product and air temperature shown in Centigrade
  • alarm / temperature logging
  • system mode indicator for heating / cooling
  • high / low audible / visual alarms with remote alarm contacts
  • a real time clock
  • power and sensor failure alarms
  • service prompts and a
  • user password entry system

The modular system includes expansion slots on the control board for the ability to add options at a later date.

Contact the scientists at Tovatech for more information on the NSRI-WSW series of solid door humidity and temperature stability test chambers or for information on our full line of scientific laboratory and refrigerator and freezers.  We also invite to download and peruse our buyers guide to scientific refrigerators and freezers

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