DOE Proves Ultrasonic Cleaner is A No Brainer!

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner has Significant Economic & Environmental Benefits

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner has Significant Economic & Environmental Benefits

Hot on the heels of our last post, here is another citation from the Energy Citations Database at the DOE’s Office of Scientific & Technical Information (OSTI).

In a DOE funded project, at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, they replaced vapor degreasers and chlorinated solvents with ultrasonic cleaners and aqueous detergents.  The impact was significant. Previously parts were soaked overnight to remove baked-on varnish.  In extreme cases, additional wire brushing was needed to remove stubborn contaminants. The ultrasonic cleaning though eliminated all that! Parts cleaning took about 20 minutes and that too with no pre-soaking or wire brushing.

Calculate the cost impact of 20 minutes versus overnight soaking and wire brushing.  No wonder we go a bit overboard about ultrasonic cleaning!


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