Ultrasonic Cleaners for Hair Salons &. Barbers

How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner in Your Hair Salon

Some states are adopting regulations requiring ultrasonic cleaning and sanitizing of tools used in hair salons and cosmetology salons.  New Jersey, for example, requires a designated area for cleaning and disinfecting implements and tools, an ultrasonic cleaner for metal implements and tools, a clean, closed receptacle at each work station so soiled implements and tools can be completely immersed in an enzyme solution prior to cleaning and disinfection, and a clean, closed receptacle for storage of sanitized implements and tools at each work station.

Nothing surpasses an ultrasonic cleaner for removing dirt and contaminants from any equipment that can be safely immersed in water.  Healthcare facilities have long relied on ultrasonic cleaners to remove blood and tissue from surgical instruments prior to disinfecting and sterilizing. A compact ultrasonic cleaner such as Elma’sE30H model available from Tovatech easily fits on a bench or tabletop in a designated cleaning area in a hair salon or cosmetology salon.

The Cleaning Process

Ultrasonic energy is produced by the ultrasonic cleaner’s generator and sent to transducers mounted on the bottom of the cleaning tank.  In order to properly clean, the tank is filled with an appropriate chemical cleaning solution.  For example, a 1-ounce tube of CLN-LR012 cleaning concentrate is added to a gallon of water and mixed inside the tank using the ultrasonic power.   The freshly filled bath should be degassed by running the ultrasonic power for about 30 minutes prior to cleaning.  The tools to be cleaned are placed in a mesh or perforated basket and are suspended in the bath for cleaning.

Ultrasonic vibrations produce billions of minute bubbles in the bath that implode with tremendous force when they contact the implements being cleaned.  The process, called cavitation, thoroughly removes all contaminants from the instruments, reaching into the smallest cracks and crevices.  Within a few minutes the cycle ends and the tools are ready for disinfecting and storage.


How do you clean and disinfect tools used in your hair salon?  What regulations govern this process in your state or community?

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