Ultrasonic Gun & Handcuff Cleaner a Boon for Law Enforcement

The Elma E 30 H is ideally suited to the maintenance of law enforcement equipment
The Elma E 30 H is ideally suited to the maintenance of law enforcement equipment

Equipment used in law enforcement applications must be maintained for the health and safety of officers as well as suspects taken into custody. Because of its speed and thoroughness an ultrasonic cleaner is a valuable equipment maintenance tool for police stations and highway patrol barracks.

One piece of equipment used by virtually all law enforcement officers is a set of handcuffs.  Handcuffs come into direct contact with the skin of suspects and can pick up oils, dirt and hair that might harbor infectious diseases.  Handcuff construction is such that these contaminants can lodge in cracks and crevices, which means that a simple washing is unsatisfactory.  Cuffs should be given a session in an ultrasonic cleaner before officers put them back into their carrying cases.

A tabletop ultrasonic gun cleaner such as the Elma E 30 H available from Tovatech is perfect for cleaning handcuffs.  Simply place the cuffs in the mesh basket and immerse them in a biodegradable ultrasonic bath diluted to the manufacturer’s specification.   When the unit is turned on, ultrasonic transducers powered by an ultrasonic generator create millions of minute bubbles in the bath.  As the bubbles come into contact with the handcuffs they implode in a process called cavitation, stripping away all contaminants from all surfaces, including the cracks and crevices impossible to reach with hand scrubbing.  In approximately 10 minutes the cuffs are removed and dried and then can be disinfected before being returning to service.

In the same way, firearm maintenance can include periodic ultrasonic cleaning and lubricating. Handguns are disassembled and placed in the bath where ultrasonic energy quickly removes grease, powder residues and other contaminants that could interfere with reliable operation.  Following the cleaning cycle, parts are rinsed in water, then are placed in an ultrasonic lubricating solution for 7 – 10 minutes.  Parts are drained, dried, oiled and reassembled.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Solution Selection

There is a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning solutions on the market, each formulated for specific cleaning requirements.  Nearly all of these are biodegradable and are shipped in concentrate form for dilution with water.  For cleaning handcuffs, a solution containing a disinfectant is a logical choice as it essentially accomplishes two operations – cleaning and disinfecting – at the same time.

Firearms are best cleaned in a mildly alkaline solution that facilitates the removal of carbonaceous deposits as well as oil and grease.  A solution such as CLN-LR 215 available from Tovatech is ideal for this purpose.  Law enforcement shooting ranges that reload spent brass shells can also use this ultrasonic solution to clean the shells prior to reloading.

In summary, an ultrasonic cleaner is a safe, fast and reliable tool for equipment maintenance in law enforcement.


What procedures are in place for equipment cleaning and maintenance in your precinct or barracks?

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