What to Look For in Heavy-Lifting Crane Scales

Kern HTS Crane Scale

Kern HTS Crane Scale

Crane scales are the heavy lifters across a broad spectrum of industries. Digital crane scales manufactured by Kern and available from Tovatech pack useful features in a compact package for precision weighing in manufacturing, shipping, scientific, educational, commercial and warehousing operations.

For example, the Kern HTS series of industrial crane scales is available in seven models from 150 to 10,000 kg capacities and readouts from 50 to 5000 g.  All models feature wireless infrared remote control operation with all functions housed in a battery-powered numeric keypad having a range of approximately 15 meters (50 feet).

Useful Features in a Digital Crane Scale

The HTS weighing mechanism is powered by a battery pack providing up to 150 hours of operation.  A charge condition indicator will signal when it is due for recharging.   Weights are indicated as kilograms or pounds on an easy-to-read LED display showing gross, tare and net weight.  To … Read the rest

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner for Delicate Parts

TI-H Ultrasonic Cleaner and Control Panel

The cavitation action produced by an ultrasonic cleaner is perhaps one of the most efficient means available today for removing soils and other unwanted deposits from nearly any object that can be safely wetted.  But safe removal of these deposits calls for matching the ultrasonic frequencies and power employed to surfaces being treated.

Ultrasonic frequencies are produced by ultrasonic generators that excite the transducers causing cavitation action in the ultrasonic cleaning solution. Power is the electrical energy in terms of watts delivered to the transducers and is generally expressed in watts per gallon of cleaning solution.

Cavitation action is the implosion of millions of tiny bubbles on the surface of objects being cleaned.  This violent implosion is continuous but also instantaneous and therefore does not damage objects being cleaned when the frequencies are matched to the objects.  For example, lower ultrasonic frequencies such as 25 kHz create relatively large cavitation … Read the rest

Forensic Refrigerator has Lockable Compartments

9-compartment forensic storage refrigerator

9-compartment forensic storage refrigerator

Health practitioners, law enforcement agencies, defense and prosecuting attorneys know the value of properly handled and preserved forensic evidence to identify victims and suspects and to help build cases leading to verdicts by jurors.  Procedures for the proper storage of these samples have been established, and proper refrigeration is a key element in many of these procedures.

Evidence such as blood and tissue samples that require refrigeration can be safely stored in a forensic laboratory refrigerator now available from Tovatech. It has 6 compartments 8-1/4”h x 9”w x 13”d, 2 at 11”h x 9”w x 7”d and one at 8-14”h x 9”w x 13”d.  Each compartment has its own combination lock to help protect against unauthorized access.  Totaling 10 cubic feet of storage space the 56-inch high forensic evidence refrigerator has a 2-foot square footprint and additional storage shelves in the reversible door.… Read the rest

Dual-Compressor Lab Refrigerator-Freezer

The CP171TOV-MED laboratory refrigerator/freezer

Research labs, healthcare facilities and similar organizations faced with limited storage capabilities for drugs, vaccines and other valuable perishables can solve the problem with a 2-foot square x 79-inch high combination scientific refrigerator-freezer with separate compartments each with its own door, temperature control and compressor.

The combination CP171TOV-MED medical refrigerator/freezer available from Tovatech has approximately 7.2 cubic feet of refrigerator space and 3.6 cubic feet of freezer space, each compartment with its own digital thermostat and high/low temperature alarm.  The upper auto-defrost refrigerator has a temperature range of 2 – 8˚C (35.6 – 46.4˚F) and is equipped with three adjustable wire shelves, two crispers and door-mounted shelves.  The lower manual-defrost freezer unit has a temperature range of -15 to – 18˚C (5 to -.4˚F) and is equipped with three transparent slide out drawers that help maintain temperature stability.  The unit’s doors are reversible to open left to right or right … Read the rest

Portable Refrigerator/Freezer for EMS Applications

The SPR-FT26 Portable Refrigerator-Freezer Unit

EMS and other first responder personnel working in areas suffering extended power outages can maintain medical supplies requiring refrigeration by using the compact, portable SPR-FT26 portable refrigerator/freezer unit from Tovatech.

Power is supplied from the EMS vehicle’s 12-volt DC lighter socket, a 24-volt battery source or from an AC adapter connected to 110-volt emergency generators. A wheeled travel trolley is provided to facilitate on-ground transport.Weighing less than 30 pounds the lock-equipped SPR-FT26 portable freezer/refrigerator has a capacity of 20 liters or 0.7 cubic feet and an overall size of 17”h x 21.25”w x 14.25”d.  It functions either as a refrigerator or a freezer thanks to an advanced refrigeration unit and computerized digital control system.   The unit will freeze below -18˚C in an ambient temperature of 30˚C or be set to operate as a portable refrigerator or cooler.  Personnel using the unit should confirm that the cooling or freezing temperatures are … Read the rest

An Ultrasonic Cleaner Helps Get Winter Power Equipment Humming

Bare trees are a sign of winter weather to come. Snow blowers, snow mobiles and other seasonal equipment idle since the spring thaw will soon be called into action for work and play.  But will the engines start and run smoothly after several months in storage?  Maybe not.  That’s why service shop owners familiar with harried customers wanting an immediate fix rely on anultrasonic cleanerto quickly and thoroughly remove gunk, varnish and other deposits from carburetors, fuel lines and other engine components.

Compact, efficient ultrasonic cleaners such as the Elmasonic E units available from Tovatech are an environmentally friendly alternative to using harmful aerosol sprays and manually washing parts in solvents that eventually present a disposal problem.   Instead, disassembled engine components are placed into a mesh basket that is lowered into the ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with a biodegradable cleaning solution.  When the equipment is turned on its … Read the rest

Ultrasonic Cleaning Options for Plastic Injection Molds

Injection-molded plastic parts are everywhere a part of our daily life.  Polymers in a variety of formulations are used to produce these components by being injected into intricately designed molds and subjected to heat and pressure.  Because molds represent substantial investments they must be cleaned on a regular basis.  Ultrasonic cleaners are recognized across the injection molding industry as a safe, thorough alternative to manual scrubbing, which is a time-consuming process that can damage highly finished mold surfaces while missing contaminants in blind holes, cavities, cores and pins.

The contaminants produced by injection molding operations are tenacious.  Examples include flashing, mold release compound, burned-on plastic residues, carbonization and vent outgas residue that if not safely removed will quickly shorten mold life.

The solution is the powerful cavitation action of an ultrasonic cleaner that creates millions of minute bubbles in an ultrasonic cleaning bath comprised of water and a biodegradable ultrasonic … Read the rest

How to Prepare a Moisture Analyzer

A moisture analyzer is a valuable tool to help organizations maintain correct moisture content across a broad range of industries.  Optimum moisture content is set by industry trade associations and government agencies to insure efficient processing of products such as plastics and bone meal to maximizing shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products.

Moisture Content Defined

The term “moisture” generally refers to water – the percentage of the net weight of a product or material that is due to water content.  But it also includes anything that can evaporate on heating.  Examples include fats, oils, alcohol and solvents.  Most simply stated a moisture analyzer such as the Kern MLB available from Tovatech calculates moisture content by comparing the weight of a sample before it is dried on heating with the weight after the drying process is completed.  It consists of a halogen heater mounted on a precision scale.

Based on … Read the rest

Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner for Printing Press Rolls and Plates

Removing printing ink from anilox rolls and gravure cylinders as well as flat plates used in the printing industry requires thorough but delicate processes best accomplished by an ultrasonic cleaner. The cells on anilox rolls and gravure cylinders trap printing ink that then is transferred to newspapers, magazines, catalogs and other printed materials.  Flat plate printing represents an older technology whereby ink is rolled onto the plate and the paper is pressed against it to transfer the image.  At the end of printing runs these must be thoroughly cleaned before rolls, cylinders and plates are stored for future use.

The working surfaces of printing rolls, cylinders and plates are highly finished.  Scratches or other damage can render them useless because the damage also will trap ink that will be transferred to the printed material.   As rolls and cylinders can cost thousands of dollars, careful handing is critical when cleaning them.  … Read the rest

Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter is a Versatile Lab Tool

Ultrasonic cell disrupters, also known as ultrasonic horns, ultrasonic disintegrators and ultrasonic homogenizers, perform many vital functions in the lab.  These compact versatile tools use ultrasonic energy emanating from a probe or tip (the “horn”) to create cavitation action that is used, among other functions, to blend, mix, emulsify, disaggregate, disperse or stir samples.  In the case of cell disruption (lysis), for example, the cavitation breaks down cell walls so scientist can study cell content.  Other examples include emulsifying and homogenizing insoluble or immiscible liquids and sterilizing medical equipment by using cell disruption and heat to destroy bacteria and other pathogens.

Selecting an Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter

Ultrasonic disintegrators are available in several sizes or capacities but generally create ultrasonic energy at a frequency of 20 kHz delivered by ultrasonic transducers mounted on the handle of the probe. Ultrasonic cell disrupters available from Tovatech, for example, handle sample sizes ranging from … Read the rest