How to Check Pump System Accuracy for HPLC Analysis

Pump system accuracy is crucial for equipment used to conduct high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis in the pharmaceutical and other industries subject to regulatory oversight by the FDA and similar authorities. Among functions performed by HPLC are included checks for purity, monitoring changes in pharmaceutical intermediates during chemical synthesis scale-up, stability and dissolution tests, and performing ongoing quality control procedures.Digital HPLC Liquid Flow Meter At a GlanceClick to download PDF

A Brief on HPLC Analysis

Identifying an analyte by HPLC is based on accurate and reproducible column retention time as the analyte is pumped through an HPLC system.  Reproducible retention time is critical and depends on accurate, uniform, reproducible HPLC pump flow rates.

Note that it is important to distinguish between accuracy and precision.  These two terms may seem the same but they are not necessarily so.  For example, an HPLC system (or for that matter many other systems such as analytical scales) may … Read the rest

Powerful Lab Sonicator Speeds Sample Prep in Pharma Research

The S50R Lab Sonicator for Sample Prep and Sieve Cleaning
The S50R Lab Sonicator for Sample Prep and Sieve Cleaning

Ultrasonic cavitation is often employed for sample preparation in pharmaceutical labs.  High ultrasonic power density is ideal for these applications because it accomplishes the job quickly.  This minimizes cavitation induced heat buildup that can cause chemical degradation of samples. 

Sample prep is generally accomplished by suspending sample flasks in ultrasonic cleaners containing water and a surfactant.  Cavitation generated by ultrasonic transducers passes through the flask walls to act on the sample.  

Most equipment used in this application handles several flasks at once for production-scale operations.  An alternative design has proved especially efficient by speeding up the sample prep process in pharmaceutical research laboratories.  The secret is in the design.

Elma’s S50R Lab Sonicator for Sample Prep

The 0.75 gallon to 1.5 gallon capacity 37 kHz multifunction Elma S50R laboratory sonicator available from Tovatech … Read the rest