How to Select a Digital Bench Scale

A bench scale is generally placed on – you guessed it – a bench or a countertop.  A distinguishing characteristic of digital bench scales vs. platform scales is that the controls and display are part of the unit whereas a platform scale display is separate from the weighing platform.

Kern bench scales available from Tovatech have weighing ranges from 6 to 60 kg allowing them to support a broad range of applications.  Most are available with standard disposable battery power or optional rechargeable battery power in addition to line power.  This is a big plus if you need portability or perform weighing operations beyond the reach of an outlet.

Specifying Digital Bench Scales

This is a straightforward process until it comes to added bells and whistles you may require for your operations.  First the basics:

At the top of your list is the maximum weight the scale can handle.   If … Read the rest

IP65-Rated Platform Scales Solve Multiple Weighing Tasks

The SFE Platform Scale is Easy to Clean
The SFE Platform Scale is Easy to Clean

Platform scales are workhorses of weighing, often finding themselves in environments that cause less rugged weighing systems to fail.   The new Kern SFE platform scales, now available from Tovatech, build on the ruggedness and reliability of platform scale weighing systems.  Their silicon-coated load cells and separate free-standing or wall mounted stainless steel control panel/display units are packaged in IP65-rated housings.  This means these high-precision but rugged platform balances are totally protected against dust.  When exterior surfaces need cleaning they resist low-pressure jets of water.*

Three Models with Readouts of <1 oz

SFE platform scales provide maximum weighing to 15, 30 and 60 kg (33, 66 and 132 pounds).  Respective readouts are 5, 10 and 20 grams (all less than one ounce).   Easy-to-follow instructions allow operators to use the control panel to perform a variety of weighing tasks including recipe, tolerance, and animal/dynamic.   … Read the rest