Maximize Performance of your Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath

If you have invested in an ultrasonic bath you have an appreciation of how these units contribute to fast, safe and efficient removal of contaminants from virtually any product that can be safely wetted in a biodegradable ultrasonic bath.  In this post we provide recommendations on maximizing the performance of your ultrasonic bath, thereby contributing to the efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaning operations.

Points covered include:

  • Selecting the correct cleaning bath chemistry
  • Cleaning time and cleaning temperature
  • Tips on extending the effective life of ultrasonic baths

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Chemistry

There is a wide variety of formulations available to support ultrasonic cleaning operations.  Some manufacturers term these ultrasonic cleaning solutions, others use an overall category called soaps.  One can’t argue with that because using soaps conjures up images of cleaning, whether in the car wash, clothes washer or shower.

Regardless of nomenclature, these formulations are designed to perform specific cleaning … Read the rest