How to Specify a Compact Medical Refrigerator

How to Specify a Compact Medical Refrigerator

Health care clinics must exercise care when selecting a compact medical refrigerator to store temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.  A compact medical refrigerator is a smart choice when space is at a premium, but a small size should not be at the cost of critical features that protect contents.  This post provides tips on how to specify a compact medical refrigerator.

Why a Medical Refrigerator is Important

If there is temptation to buy a dormitory or residential-grade refrigerator it must be resisted.  In fact, the former is definitely ruled against in the CDC’s Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit while the latter may be acceptable under certain conditions.  We encourage you to download and review these guidelines, updated for 2020 before you decide on your medical refrigerator.

Especially important is compliance with CDC and Vaccines for Children refrigeration guidelines if your healthcare facility participates in these programs. 

The “Cost”

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How to Select an Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Ultra low temperature freezers generally operate between user-set ranges from -40⁰C to -86⁰C whereas models described as low temperature laboratory freezers can be set from -10⁰C to -40⁰C, depending on make and model.  Ultra low freezers such as the Norlake Ultra-Low Select models available from Tovatech are used to support product protection and performance testing across a range of life science and manufacturing operations.   Available in 19, 23.2 and 27.5 cubic foot capacities, the Nor-Lake models are ideal for applications such as preserving rare or costly biological specimens and testing equipment that must perform reliably under conditions of severe cold to -86⁰C.

Spec Tips for Ultra Low Temp Freezers

Keep in mind that the lower you set the thermostat on an ultra low temperature freezer the more energy it consumes to maintain that temperature.   Match the temperature capability to storage or environmental testing recommendations.  Norlake Ultra-Low Select upright freezers allow … Read the rest

Forensic Refrigerator has Lockable Compartments

9-compartment forensic storage refrigerator

9-compartment forensic storage refrigerator

Health practitioners, law enforcement agencies, defense and prosecuting attorneys know the value of properly handled and preserved forensic evidence to identify victims and suspects and to help build cases leading to verdicts by jurors.  Procedures for the proper storage of these samples have been established, and proper refrigeration is a key element in many of these procedures.

Evidence such as blood and tissue samples that require refrigeration can be safely stored in a forensic laboratory refrigerator now available from Tovatech. It has 6 compartments 8-1/4”h x 9”w x 13”d, 2 at 11”h x 9”w x 7”d and one at 8-14”h x 9”w x 13”d.  Each compartment has its own combination lock to help protect against unauthorized access.  Totaling 10 cubic feet of storage space the 56-inch high forensic evidence refrigerator has a 2-foot square footprint and additional storage shelves in the reversible door.… Read the rest