Lab Applications for Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Lab Applications for Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Elma – the specialists for ultrasonic technology work in close cooperation with the customers to develop new ultrasonic cleaning processes for laboratory applications, such as analyzing, sample processing and cleaning of laboratory instruments. The range of our ultrasonic units is optimized for use in laboratories. The Elma units are indispensable both for research and for the practical use in the lab to find solutions for problems and to get reproducible test results.

Elma offers various different types of ultrasonic cleaners. Each series consists of units of different sizes. They are designed for special applications and meet the requirements of the everyday work in a lab.

Practical accessories facilitate the handling, and specialized additional equipment expand the range of possible applications, e.g. for sieve cleaning.

The cleaning of laboratory glassware and laboratory instruments is a crucial task in any lab. Elma offers a family of chemical cleaners which can be used both in ultrasonic units and in laboratory rinsing automats.

The use of Elmasonic ultrasonic units combined with elma lab clean chemicals guarantees a high degree of efficiency and excellent environmental compatibility.

Degassing is used for the reliable removal of gas from samples (e.g. for the removal of carbon dioxide) or for the degassing of HPLC solvents in the analytical lab.

Mixing combines two liquids that are not ordinarily mixable, e.g. oil in water.

Dispersing is used with for substances that are not ordinarily mixable, for example solid substances in liquid such as pigments in water.

Cleaning applies to laboratory glassware or laboratory instruments, even joints of articulated components and in hollow bodies. A special application is cleaning analytical sieves. Combined with elma lab clean chemicals this is an environmentally friendly application.

Contact the ultrasonic cleaning experts at Tovatech for assistance in specifying ultrasonic cleaners, solutions and processes to meet your specific requirements.

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