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BOD Incubator Refrigerator

BOD Incubator Refrigerator

Temperature stability or minimum temperature drift is an important feature for BOD incubator refrigerators, along with sophisticated temperature controls and alarming systems.  These are among the attributes of the new Norlake lab incubators now available from Tovatech.  The 5.5 cubic foot units can store up to 71 300-ml BOD bottles.  The LRI061 high-performance refrigerated incubator is an ideal choice for labs with moderate size storage requirements to support a variety of scientific studies.

A Lab Incubator with Programmable Logic Control

The microprocessor PLC allows researchers to tightly specify storage temperatures to one decimal place (0.10⁰C) in their scientific incubator by using the intuitive 4-digit LED display and 8-button interface.   The interface allows users to navigate through the lab incubator menu structure including on/off, return to status, displaying program selections, the alarming system and cooling status.

The streamlined interior is designed to optimize air flow and temperature uniformity.  This is attested to by the Norlake LRI061 BOD incubator’s ability to maintain a temperature variation within ±0.45°C over its operating range of +5°C to +50°C.  This was determined from a thermocouple at the center of the interior.  Performance may vary with ambient conditions, product load changes or air circulation interference.

Content protection is furthered with 2 levels of user password protection and a door lock.

BOD Incubator Temperature Alarming

Excursions outside set temperature parameters will activate continuously monitoring hi/lo temperature alarms with reliability enhanced by the integrated alarm test.  A power failure or accidental disconnect from the 115-volt power outlet also activates the alarming system.

Temperature performance data can be collected and later archived by an optional exterior temperature chart recorder attached to an internal glycerin bottle via the 1-inch diameter access port.

Other BOD Incubator Features

  • Compatible with lab case work dimensions
  • On-door storage
  • 2  wire shelves
  • Interior light
  • Optional stacking kit
  • 2 adjustable leveling legs
  • 12-month part warranty

In summary, the Norlake LRI061 BOD incubator provides excellent temperature control for conducting biochemical oxygen demand on micro-organisms, cell and tissue cultures, serums and similar studies.

Contact the lab refrigeration professionals at Tovatech for information on BOD and other scientific refrigerators and freezers.

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