Use a Portable Halogen Moisture Analyzer to Save Money

The compact, portable IL 50.001 halogen moisture analyzer
The compact, portable IL 50.001 halogen moisture analyzer

If you perform moisture analysis at more than one location in your facility you’ll soon see the value in the IL 50.001 halogen moisture analyzer now available from Tovatech.  What makes it attractive is its portability – instead of buying multiple halogen moisture analyzers simply pack the IL 50.001 in its custom carrying case and take it to the test location.

Moreover, you’ll find this 50 g capacity moisture balance easy to use because programming choices have been confined to the basics – a feature that has a side benefit in terms of attractive pricing.

Superior Performance in a Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Attractive pricing is not at the “expense” of superior performance in this compact, 5-pound 120-volt moisture analyzer.  Only 6.5” wide, 11” deep and 5” high, it offers the following performance specs:

  • Readability: 0.001 g, 0.01% moisture
  • Repeatability: 0.3% (3 g sample); 0.2% (10 g sample)
  • Temperature range:  50˚ – 180˚C in 1˚increments
  • Weighing units: % moisture, % solids, temperature and time (1 to 99 minutes)
  • Moisture range: 0.01% to 100%
  • Tare range: To capacity by subtraction
  • Operating environment: 41˚ to 104˚F

The IL 50.001 halogen moisture analyzer is designed with a wide opening heater chamber to facilitate sample placement in the 3.5-inch diameter pan.  Switch off is automatic on time or weight loss.  With the weight loss option the moisture balance will automatically shut off if the sample weight loss rate is less than 1 mg in 60 seconds.   Its large liquid crystal display is easy to read and the RS 232 interface provides connectivity to optional printers or other peripherals for record keeping.

Oh yes. The IL 50.001 halogen moisture analyzer comes with its own 50 g calibration test weight.  This is an important feature because calibration should be performed each time a moisture balance is moved.

Contact the scientists at Tovatech for more information on the IL 50.001 moisture balance or for assistance in specifying the correct moisture analyzer for your quality control requirements.

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