When to Use an Industrial Steam Jet Cleaner

The Elmasteam steam jet cleaner.

The Elmasteam steam jet cleaner.

A compact steam jet cleaner can be an excellent solution for chemical-free and environmentally friendly  removal of deposits such as oil, lubricants, polishing pastes, waxes, chips and filings from cast, machined and other fabricated parts.  High temperatures and pressures produced by an industrial steam cleaner remove contaminants from tight spaces such as threaded blind holes, and precision machined and cut gears faster and more thoroughly than hand cleaning, leaving surfaces residue free.   Another benefit of steam cleaning is reduced disposal costs for removed contaminants.

Where higher levels of cleanliness are required a steam jet cleaner can be used to prepare parts for an ultrasonic cleaning cycle.  Pre-cleaning parts with steam has the added benefit of reducing contaminant build-up in ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

At the end of the cleaning job the cleaner can be used for rinsing.  The advantage is that steam is free of minerals and chemical agents; thus work pieces, engine parts and components are spotless after drying.

Compact Steam Jet Cleaner Features

Now available from Tovatech the Elmasteam 45 compact tabletop steam cleaner delivers 275⁰F steam at 65 psi.  Depending on the model steam is delivered via a foot-pedal activated fixed nozzle or a mechanical valve-equipped hand-operated trigger piece attached to a 3-foot hose.  The hand-operated trigger release controls the amount of steam released and has a lock lever to avoid accidental release of steam.  An actuation clamp keeps the valve in the open position to drain the boiler pressure prior to refilling, or when the unit is turned off at the end of a cleaning operation.

The unit weighs less than 15 pounds and has dimensions of 12.6 x 9.6 x 12.1 inches (HWD).  The reservoir holds 3 quarts of water.    Models designed for medical applications are available to pre-clean instruments before ultrasonic cleaning and either sterilizing or disinfecting following accepted procedures.

Elmasteam’s water reservoir and electrical system are separated by the cleaner’s two-chamber design.  Indirect heating is applied over a large area of the tank to provide fast heating, high steam availability, and to minimize mineral buildup on the tank wall.  Distilled or demineralized water is recommended to significantly reduce maintenance intervals due to buildup. Tap water can be used but frequent rinsing is required per the operating instructions to remove mineral deposits in the water tank.

Elmasteam 45 tabletop steam jet cleaners are shipped with tweezers, a filling sieve, a ball valve activated drain tube, a rinsing set and a tank filling cap equipped with a safety pressure release valve.  An optional wall mounting bracket is available.  The medical unit has a pressure gauge and can be specified for connection to a water line for automatic filling.  All units come with a comprehensive instruction manual and a 3-year warranty.

Contact the cleaning professionals at Tovatech for further information on the Elmasteam 45 steam jet cleaners and on the broad range of Elma ultrasonic tabletop and industrial cleaners.

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