How MD Offices Save Space with a Compact Vaccine Refrigerator

2.5 cubic foot refrigerator for vaccines
2.5 cubic foot refrigerator for vaccines

Rules and recommendations abound concerning vaccine storage with strict temperature control usually heading the list and an awareness of expiration dates following closely behind.  For medical doctors engaged in family practice vaccine refrigerators are a must.  The goal is to provide safe storage in a vaccine refrigerator sized to meet the inventory needs of practices working with tight budgets.  Compact undercounter or tabletop models on the market, such as the 1.6 cubic foot FFAR22LTMED, 2.5 cubic foot FF28LTMED, and 2.8 cubic foot FF32LTMED series available from Tovatech, provide economically priced solutions for vaccine refrigeration needs.

Designed for Tight Temperature Control

With footprints of approximately 22 inches or less these compact medical refrigerators have product protection and monitoring features matching those found on full-sized models.  Examples include:

  • Temperature control from 2˚ to 8˚C
  • Hospital-grade “green dot”  power cords
  • Audible temperature warning alarms
  • Digital thermostats with external readout for temperature management
  • Gel packs to promote temperature stability
  • Fan-cooled interiors for even temperature distribution
  • Factory installed door locks for secure storage

Other features welcomed by busy family practitioners include automatic defrost, adjustable shelving, and an easily cleaned interior.

Proper Vaccine Refrigeration Saves Money and Time

Vaccine costs can be substantial for family practices, clinics and other healthcare organizations.  Improper storage can cause loss of potency, representing not only a financial loss but also inconvenience to patients who have to return for another treatment. Because of this dormitory or residential refrigerators are not a wise choice.  Their lower upfront cost can be wiped out when interior temperatures exceed those specified for stored vaccines, and the contents have to be discarded.

Establish a vaccine storage policy.  Adopt a first-in-first-out procedure to manage expiration dates.  Maintain a realistic inventory to help avoid expiration date discards.

Contact the experts at Tovatech for information on selecting scientific refrigerators and freezers that meet your storage requirements for vaccines, pharmaceuticals and similar products.

How does your practice store vaccines?     Do you have written procedures?

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