New Digital Platform Scale Performs Multiple Functions

Kern IKT platform scale in a counting app.
Kern IKT platform scale in a counting app.

A newly released family of Kern IKT digital touch screen platform scales now available from Tovatech performs multiple measuring and weighing functions in a single package. This versatile tool allows companies to reduce their scale “inventory” and associated maintenance costs by consolidating diverse measuring and weighing functions from recipe to animal weighing on a single unit.   Fully 9 operating modes are accommodated.  

Ease of use is another feature of the IKT digital platform scales, all equipped with stainless steel weighing plates, one of which can be used for suspending weighing.  Maximum weighing capacity ranges from 3,100 to 151,000 grams. An intuitive backlit LCD digital touch screen measures 5.8 inches on the diagonal to clearly display the functions being performed.  Examples include:

  • A large keypad for easy input of text and values, also displaying the operator’s name
  • A clear menu structure with keys labeled in plain text
  • Visual and audible signal check weighing
  • Memories for each mode such as check weighing, pre-tare, reference weight, target weight, etc.

A “Can Do” Digital Platform Scale

The IKT platform scale is powered by line current, disposable or optional rechargeable batteries.   Among the functions it can perform are included:

  • Capacity display
  • Automatic taring
  • Subtractive/additive dispensing assistance
  • Net/gross
  • Variable reference quantity
  • Freely programmable weighing units
  • Date/time
  • Statistical function
  • GLP record keeping  via the RS232 interface to a PC or standard, statistical or label printers

Step-by-Step Digital Platform Scale Operations Manual

A detailed operations manual takes technicians through the entire process from commissioning through programming weighing operations to maintenance steps essential to maintaining the accuracy of the IKT digital platform scale.   Each operating mode, such as for percentage determination, has its own screen menu. 

Once the digital platform scale is in place and leveled an initial calibration is performed by placing a known calibration weight on the weighing plate.  If there is a discrepancy between the calibration weight and the readout, the scale will automatically correct itself.  Recalibration procedures should be spelled out in your company’s operations manual but in any case occur at set intervals or if the scale is moved or subjected to temperature variations.

How many different scales are used in your company and for what purposes?  How many of these could be replaced by a single digital platform scale?

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