The KERN CDEE Counting Scale System

How to use a Counting Scale System for Large Quantities

When large quantities of small or lightweight pieces are being packaged for market accurate inventory control and accurate billing depend on highly accurate counting scale systems.  In such cases connecting a precision reference scale to a platform scale gives an extremely high degree of weighing and counting accuracy even when individual pieces weigh as little as 0.002 gram.    

That is the precision realized by the Kern CDEE piece counting system available from Tovatech.  It consists of a CDE digital platform balance available in capacities from 35 to 150 kg (77 to 300 pounds) connected by an interface cable to a Kern CME reference balance offered in capacities from 100 to 3000 grams (3.5 oz to 6.6 pounds).  The readout for both models depends on the maximum weighing range but is as low as 1 gram for the platform balance and 0.001 gram for the reference balance.   This versatile combination allows personnel to count very low weight items in very large numbers and quickly switch between counting different products.

An Easy-to-Use Counting Scale System Delivers Superior Results

First center an empty container on the platform of the digital quantity scale and press the tare key to cancel out its weight.  Next place a specific quantity of the product to be counted – 5, 10 or 20 pieces – on the reference balance and press the key for the corresponding number.   Count and weight data are transferred to the platform scale – for example 5 pieces weigh 30.3 grams.  As pieces to be counted are added to the container on the platform scale the readout will continually show the quantity until the target count is reached.

The system is easily reprogrammed to count a different product simply by repeating the reference count and weight exercise.  Further versatility is provided because the digital platform scale and digital reference scale can be used independently for weighing operations.

Added Features and Accessories

Both the digital counting scale and digital reference scale operate on standard voltage or battery power.  Record keeping data are transferred to a PC using a RS 232 interface.  A label printer simplifies packaging identification.  Tovatech also offers pallet, drive through and floor scales for heavy-duty parts counting.

Periodic Recalibration to Maintain Accuracy

Precision digital scales and digital balances should be protected from temperature extremes and unnecessary movement and vibration.  Before weighing and counting begin they must be calibrated by organizations that provide calibration services and certificates for new analytical balances and precision scales.  You should establish a standard operating procedure to schedule periodic recalibration to assure that balances and scales remain accurate.  If the balance is off, then an adjustment must be performed to bring it back into spec.  Recalibrating the Kern CDEE digital counting system is done using external calibration weights.

Contact the scientists at Tovatech for full details on digital counting systems and for help in selecting equipment that best matches your company’s counting and weighing requirements.


How does your company handle precision counting large quantities of small products?

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