Kern HTS Crane Scale

What to Look For in Heavy-Lifting Crane Scales

Kern HTS Crane Scale

Crane scales are the heavy lifters across a broad spectrum of industries. Digital crane scales manufactured by Kern and available from Tovatech pack useful features in a compact package for precision weighing in manufacturing, shipping, scientific, educational, commercial and warehousing operations.

For example, the Kern HTS series of industrial crane scales is available in seven models from 150 to 10,000 kg capacities and readouts from 50 to 5000 g.  All models feature wireless infrared remote control operation with all functions housed in a battery-powered numeric keypad having a range of approximately 15 meters (50 feet).

Useful Features in a Digital Crane Scale

The HTS weighing mechanism is powered by a battery pack providing up to 150 hours of operation.  A charge condition indicator will signal when it is due for recharging.   Weights are indicated as kilograms or pounds on an easy-to-read LED display showing gross, tare and net weight.  To help prolong battery life the display automatically switches off after 5 minutes if there is no change in the load, but can be reactivated by the keypad. With an IP65 rating the scale body is totally protected against dust and against low-pressure water when used in exposed environments.

Other useful features for digital industrial crane scales include:

  • 10 tare memory units
  • 10 unassigned memory units to be used for weight increments or identification numbers
  • Stores individual weighing processes and adds them up to a total
  • Weight display can be frozen until released
  • Simplifies check weighing by flashing if below lower limit or above upper limit

Kern industrial crane scales can be shipped with a DKD calibration certificate and are recalibrated using external test weights.  They come with a 3-year warranty and a complete operations manual.

What operations in your organization require heavy-duty crane scales?  What features are most important to you in these scales?

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