Determining Moisture Content in Food

Determining and Confirming Moisture Content in Food

As reported in Wikipedia, “Food moisture analysis involves the whole coverage of the food items in the world because foods are comprising a considerable amount of water rather than other ingredients.” Food Technology notes “Both moisture content and water activity… are important in formulating products for safety and stability.”  This post describes how benchtop moisture…

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Norlake White Diamond Refrigerators and Freezers

How Scientific Refrigeration Equipment Works

By Bob Sandor | September 13, 2019

Scientific refrigerators, also called pharmaceutical refrigerators or lab refrigerators, meet stringent requirements essential to protect contents from temperature fluctuations above or below those recommended by content manufacturers.  Residential-type refrigerators do not make…

Moisture Balance Ideal for QC in Molding Plastics

Moisture Balance Ideal for QC in Molding Plastics

By Rachel Kohn | July 10, 2019

MS-70 moisture balance for plastic resins lets QC personnel program up to 20 sets of test parameters and calculate moisture content accuracy to 0.01% with a >5 g sample.

Selection Tips for Moisture Analyzers

Selection Tips for Moisture Analyzers

By Rachel Kohn | July 2, 2019

What to look for in a moisture analyzer and four candidates for the job.

How to Select an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

How to Specify an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

By Bob Sandor | April 16, 2019

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners come in many sizes, shapes and features.  Before you select your industrial ultrasonic cleaner you should have a clear idea of what it is you want to accomplish, then…

How to Ultrasonically Clean Epoxy Dispensing Nozzles

By Rachel Kohn | February 5, 2019

Two methods to remove solidified epoxy from automated dispensing machines with precisely machined nozzles.

Counting Scales

How Counting Scales Count

By Rachel Kohn | January 26, 2019

Counting scales are great time savers that also improve the accuracy of counts when the objective is to ship or receive X numbers of widgets. They are also great for inventory management…

Norlake White Diamond Refrigerators and Freezers

Norlake White Diamond Feature-Rich Line of Undercounter/Freestanding Refrigerators and Freezers

By Bob Sandor | November 27, 2018

To select the correct undercounter/freestanding lab refrigeration system from the Norlake White Diamond series for a small to medium-sized laboratory or healthcare facility you must evaluate a system’s capability to satisfy a…

Analytical Balance Best Practices

Analytical Balance Best Practices

By Rachel Kohn | October 8, 2018

It doesn’t take much to throw an analytical balance off.  What are the analytical balance best practices to keep your balance without error. The opportunities for errors to occur increase dramatically as…

How to Choose Manual or Auto-Defrost Cold Storage Units for the Lab

By Rachel Kohn | August 25, 2018

How lab freezers and refrigerators are defrosted is an important part of the purchasing decision.

Ultrasonic Cleaners from PAC

Tovatech Adds Production Automation Corp. as Elma Dealer

By Bob Sandor | June 15, 2018

Tovatech announces the addition of Production Automation Corporation, based in Eden Prairie, MN, to its family of dealers offering the full line of Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners.  Established in 1976, PAC has 50…

Moisture Analyzer for QC in Sludge Dewatering Operations

How to Select a Moisture Analyzer for QC in Sludge Dewatering  Operations

By Rachel Kohn | May 17, 2018

Host sewage treatment plants discharge biosolids called cake containing 70 to 80% water. The balance represents nutrient-rich organic material that thanks to modern processing techniques has value both as a fuel and as a biologically inert, odor- and disease-free product for blending in soil composts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning in Nondestructive Testing of Aircraft Engine Parts

By Bob Sandor | May 7, 2018

The Tulsa, OK, base of American Airlines overhauls CFM56-7B, GE CF-6, and Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219 jet engines, and performs maintenance on Boeing and McDonald Douglas aircraft in its fleet.  The base…