When to Use an Elmasteam Industrial Steam Jet Cleaner

Compact industrial steam jet cleaners such as the 3- and 5-liter Elmasteam 3000 and Elmasteam 5000 models available from Tovatech contribute to quality control in manufacturing and preassembly operations by removing dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants.   These steam cleaners are ideal because they allow operators to direct the steam precisely where needed using either unit-mounted, foot-pedal controlled steam jets or a flexible hose with an on-off switched steam jet nozzle mounted at the end.

Another advantage of a steam jet industrial cleaner is that it can use tap water and does not require the use of chemicals. In addition to cost-saving benefits, this feature eliminates the need for multiple rinsing steps that might be required to remove chemical residues from the cleaned parts.

Elmasteam industrial steam jet cleaner pressure is adjustable up to 8 bar (116 psi), is very dry and delivered at approximately 320˚F.  A wet steam option can be used for pre-or post cleaning depending on the operating procedure employed. An optional compressed air supply can be connected for drying the parts after cleaning using the same nozzles.

A representative use of an Elmasteam industrial steam jet cleaner is in the manufacture and assembly of automotive turbochargers.  Shafts and wheels mounted in the turbocharger must be perfectly clean, which is why they are steam cleaned to remove all traces of oil, grease and dust.

Manufactured to conform to applicable codes, Elmasteam 3000 and 5000 high-performance steam jet cleaners have ergonomically mounted controls, a manometer, a pressure relief  valve, a safety temperature limiter and a steam release device in the event the filling cap is improperly used.  Electronics are separated from the steam-generator section in a two-chamber design to avoid potential short circuits.

Safety Tips when Using an Industrial Steam Cleaner

  • Wear protective clothing including eye protection – you’re dealing with steam at 320˚F and pressures to 116 psi
  • Lay out work in an orderly manner making provision for cleaned parts
  • If feasible use a brush to remove loose contaminants before steam cleaning
  • Be sure the unit is filled with tap or distilled water
  • Stabilize parts being steam cleaned so the pressure does not move them.  Sieve baskets and pincers can be used to hold smaller parts

Industrial steam jet cleaners, while more labor intensive than ultrasonic cleaners, contribute to QC in manufacturing operations where ultrasonic energy with its associated cleaning solvents, rinsing and drying steps is unsatisfactory.  Consult the experts at Tovatech for advice on using Elmasteam cleaners.


Please share your experiences on the use of industrial steam jet cleaning.

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