Scale with Remote Display Gives 0.1g Resolution

The ILS/ILJ Industrial Scale with 0.1 g resolution
The ILS/ILJ Industrial Scale with 0.1 g resolution

The separate weighing platform of the new ILS 50K and companion ILS 30K, 50 kg and 30 kg capacity industrial scales, each with 0.1 g resolution and a 5 g minimum load, makes these laboratory balances ideal quality control instruments for accurately weighing heavy toxic, odor-emitting or contaminated samples under fume hoods or in glove bags. The rugged stainless steel weighing platform handles compact high-density samples such as drilled cores and sawed beams of concrete, and is connected to the control and display unit by a cable approximately 1 meter long.

Now available from Tovatech, these lab scales are offered with external calibration (the ILS configuration using a separately purchased 30 or 50 kg weight) or with automatic internal calibration (the ILJ configuration).  ILJ models will re-calibrate every 3 hours or when there is a temperature change of 3⁰C or more.  With a linearity of ± 0.4 g and reproducibility of 0.2 g both models have a pre-tare function to compensate for the weight of sample containers and both feature a large backlit liquid crystal display.

Multipurpose Industrial Lab Scales

In addition to precision weighing the Kern ILS and ILJ lab scales can be used for

  • Piece counting against reference quantities
  • Percentage determination as a % deviation from the target value (100%)
  • Metric/non-metric weighing such as grams, kilograms, carats, ounces
  • Tolerance or check weighing for portion division, dispensing or grading
  • Step by step solid or liquid density determination aided by a display mounted user guide
  • Manual or automatic totalizing

The scales support GLP/ISO record keeping of weighing data with date, time and identification number when connected via an RS232 interface using Kern printers also available from Tovatech.  They carry a 3-year warranty and are shipped with a detailed instruction manual.

Contact the weighing professionals at Tovatech for more details on the ILS and ILJ high-resolution industrial scales.

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